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Mother nature, what a b****h

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Just what the heck is going on with Mother nature?  Lovely sunny day and howling gale force winds!  In the skies around me I see blue sky with a few while clouds, I step out my front door and I'm near blown flat in my face and find myself holding on to the skip cap/baseball cap I'm wearing for dear life least my head is blown off with it. And yet I watch the BBC's weather forecast and not a mention of there being gales in the north of Scotland, I suppose their technology cannot work so far north, its limit being Inverness.

I fully expect the winds to be gone in time for either the rain, or the way things are going up here, snow to start falling.  I'm really getting sick of this weather, sick to the point of depression, it feels like the only time the sun is out shining and without a howling gale is at night when for us the sun is on the other side of the planet.

Sunny Clouds:
The weather where I am was lovely last year but not so much this year until now, when we've got lovely sunshine.

Like you, I find weather can be a factor in mood.  For me, I've realised that whilst when I was younger it was wind that bugged me most, now it's dark skies.  I don't like it when it's not bright out.

I really feel for the people in the Germany and Belgium.  I saw a picture of some people in a street, standing in water that was literally up to their shoulders.

Try not to get totally splatted by the wind.  Apart from anything else, I'd like your mood to improve.

I'd send you a virtual set of tent pegs and guy ropes, but I can't find the icon for them, so you'll have to settle for a hug.


I use tent pegs to hold myself down when trying to hang out a washing, guy ropes they do for both my belt and shoe laces :f_laugh:

I'd just like to be able for a few hours to sit in the back garden without feeling/looking like a total idiot with hair not unlike Johnsons just before a TV studio camera goes live.

Sunny Clouds:
Serves you right for not either growing it long enough to tie back or having it cut in a fashionable fade. 

I'm a bit worried about something, though.  I'm under the impression that blokes north of Hadrian's Wall wear skirts with a lack of undies.  I do hope you're not getting too chilly.

" I'm under the impression that blokes north of Hadrian's Wall wear skirts with a lack of undies."

I wouldn't know, being a lowlander it's the tartan trews for me and the family :f_smiley:


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