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It shocks me that the police couldn't get involved as "no laws have been broken". New laws are needed!

Yes indeed - that was shocking.

It was a few years ago that I had trouble with a taxi driver - he agreed to take me and loaded me into the cab OK, but then started asking questions about 'what's wrong with you?' I laughed it off, but then when we got vaguely near my destination, he stopped somewhere random, chucked me out of the cab (luckily I didn't fall over) and then didn't give me £4 change from my £20 note and just drove off...  Not good, but could have been worse...

Sunny Clouds:
I don't understand why there's no crime.  The actions of the driver as described appear to be attempted theft.

I suppose the argument of the police would be that the driver didn't intend permanently to deprive the owner of her wheelchair, but if not, what plans could he argue he had to return it to her?

In days gone by I remember the day when even when there was no crime committed, the police would pop round and mediate and attempt to resolve things between upset neighbours or customers, just because. Nowadays they just don't have the time so if there's no legal case they won't even go and talk to people. This is a sad decline in police service in my view, caused by massive underfunding yet again. And it's the working class and people living in deprivation that would have benefited from that friendly visit to help resolve a situation which is why the cuts have been allowed to happen of course. The rich don't benefit from higher numbers of the police in the same way.

Sunny Clouds:
Some Tory MP made disparaging comments the other day linking taking the knee, BLM and defunding the police.

Well, leaving aside that defunding the police is an American campaign, and leaving aside whether he understands what it's actually about or not (i.e. moving funds along with the tasks they pay for to other services where they'd be more appropriate, e.g. moving funds for welfare visits for mentally ill people to specialist social workers or similar), it's the Tories that left us with a cut in police funding of about 10% in the last decade. 

Ah, but that's not 'defunding' the police, that's, erm, cutting unnecessary something-or-other.

We live in scary times.  When people attack disabled people physically, financially, socially, psychologically or however, we need to keep uniting, keep speaking up, keep using social media etc.

All I feel able to do is things like awareness-raising and helping people to map their situation onto that of others. 

But news stories like this one do make a difference.  Even if each time a story like this breaks just a few more people have a moment of mentally picturing themselves with a particular physical or mental obstacle, it's a bit of help.


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