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Are we going into winter?

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Are we going into winter?  For me it sure as heck feels like it up here in the north of Scotland. I just do not get it, just what the hell has happened to the weather?  I mean what is summer in Scotland a few hours a year?  perhaps a day at its best and even then more likely in August/September. Yesterday I tried to sit for a wee while out in the back garden but the gale force winds just made that impossible. Sure it wasn't cauld but come on what's with the need for gale force winds?  Today we have glimpses of sunshine along with the mandatory howling flippin' gales in between the rain, if only that clown on the nineteenth floor of our ten storey building would pack in having his showers over Scotland and maybe, even for a short while shut the door, it's causing a draft down here ya clown!  

Seriously folks I'm getting to be really depressed because of the weather here, I cannot fathom it though I know it is nature/natural I just can't believe that where I live has to feel at this time of year as if we are approaching winter. By the time the winds have reduced we'll be into the clear blue skies of October/November and when of course it is all but freezing in the garden so the only way of sitting out there will be if dressed for Siberia.

As I've said it's nature and it would seem nature just to see to it the Highlands of Scotland never dries out, either that of the Highland's are a rain magnet, sure as heck we get enough of the stuff.

Thanks rant over :f_smiley:

Have to agree the weather has been unusual this year down south as well. Dry spring, wet spring, cold spring.

Right now we are having dry summer with pleasantly warm weather,  balmy breezes. Rain has been hinted at, but its not reached central south coast. It seems to have fallen either side.

This weekend Sandbanks beach was so busy that they to close the approach road so only buses and vehicles for the ferry were allowed access.

Sunny Clouds:
Where I am, we had an absolutely wonderful year last year, weather-wise, with just a bit of rainy weather in the summer, and then mostly light, and the rest of the year didn't seem particularly wet or windy.

But this year, spring didn't seem to arrive until summer time.  Now, suddenly, a few days ago, summer arrived.

I'm minded of a favourite exchange of experiences and views.  Years ago, where I live, there were some get-togethers between Japanese people working over here and some of us who were learning Japanese.  We tried to find out what we might have in common culturally.

One issue that came up was discussing the weather.  People who'd lived and worked in a range of countries said that in quite a few countries, you basically get two seasons with predictable weather, so weather doesn't get mentioned much; whereas in Japan and the UK, it's very changeable so a regular topic.

When I feel surprised or grumbly about the weather, I remember deep snow when I was younger.  We've had barely any snow at all for years where I am.  Last year, we briefly had enough for kids to build small snowmen on their lawns.  Yet I can remember it knee-high in spring.

Despite all that, I still find myself surprised, disconcerted, grumbly etc. over the weather.

That being said, although I'm really not keen on wetness or wind, my particular obsession is with how light it is.  I struggle with dark.  Ironically, it was better when my night vision was bad - if everything's dim, you don't notice when it's gone dark in the same way you do when there's a strong contrast.

It was 30° today here. Absolutely cooking ☀️

Sunny Clouds:
Hope you've still got the warmth unless it's too much for you. 

If you can bear it, I'll tell you how much I love the warmth, especially in bed.

I have secondary hypothyroidism.  Most of the year, temperature round bed kept warm with radiators.  About 19-20 degrees.  Long-sleeve top, knicks, leggings, socks, gloves, 3 hot water bottles, top sheet, 13 tog duvet, 4 layers of thin but fluffy fleece blankets.

Last night 24 degrees.  Clothes as per usual, no blankets just top sheet & duvet, just one hot water bottle.

For me, that's good.

I was fine at 15 degrees and less clothing than this before my GP reduced my thyroxine.  I reckon he added the best part of £1000 a year to my fuel bills!


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