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Vaccinating teenagers


I just don't get it!  What's the problem with these people, alleged scientists, health secretary's and the like?  They are muttering on and on about how younger teens not becoming so ill because of the virus, well I do not give a damn that they do not become so ill what I do give a damn about is the fact that they still spread the virus and so long as they can become infected they can also allow the virus to mutate. It doesn't need a huge population such as that of Africa or even Kent to see this virus mutate does it?

I would like to see the government getting everyone vaccinated and so far as schools go keep them closed to non vaccinated pupils.

It's not yet known whether vaccinated people do or don't pick up Coronavirus and carry it and pass it on so we don't know whether getting vaccinated protects other people. All we do know, is it protects the person vaccinated. 

Going on what we know so far and given that children almost always get mild Covid and quickly recover and that the vaccine only provides temporary protection, as yet an unknown number of months; personally if I had teenagers, I wouldn't get them vaccinated based on current knowledge and information. 

Thankfully I don't have teenagers but feel for parents who do and who have to make this difficult decision.

According to the scientists the vaccine reduces the transmission of the virus, then again perhaps that's what the government has said the scientists have said and the scientists fearful of losing their position have or will not correct things publically.

Sunny Clouds:
I think there are different, overlapping issues relating to people who have been vaccinated passing a virus on.

Being vaccinated doesn't stop you getting the virus on/in you.  It just means your body's good a good chance of being able to kill it.  Further, none of the vaccines currently available against sars-cov-2 is thought to convey immunity on all those that are vaccinated.  The level of immunity varies according to vaccination, recipient, and variant of virus.

If you breathe in the virus and it gets into your airways and sticks there, then if you've not developed immunity naturally or through vaccination, you'll find yourself lurgified with covid-19 and acting as a breeding ground for loads more virus particles to infect others with.  But if you're immune, then the only dangerous particles you'll spew forth will be the ones that your body didn't get a chance to kill before you breathed them out again, perhaps because they didn't get past your lips and mouth.

So logically, you can act as a sort of go-between or bridge.  Stand between two others, X breathes out, you breathe in, you breathe out, Y breathes in.

I imagine it could be a fun experiment trying to work out just how close you have to be and how many particles X has to breathe out for you to breathe out enough for Y to get enough viral load to end up with covid-19.   My inclination is to suppose that it would be pretty much impossible to work out because we all have different breathing styles, which vary according to circumstances, and we are functioning in very different environments.

And since the key to whether you get covid-19 isn't just whether you get some sars-cov-2 from someone, but how much you get overall, which could be all from one person or a bit here, a bit there, that complicates the picture.

Meanwhile, being immune doesn't stop you getting the virus on your hands and passing it on before you wash them.

As for children recovering almost always getting mild covid-19 and recovering quickly, my difficulty with that is rather like the way I feel whenever I read or hear variations on "It's only really a problem for people with pre-existing conditions" or "It's only really a problem for old people and disabled people."  If it were "It's only really a problem for left-handers/gays/poor people..." I'd feel the same.

To me, the whole point of vaccination is to protect those people that belong to the minority that's most vulnerable.


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