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Tory MPs defending Johnson and Hancock

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Sunny Clouds:
Labour has been fighting internally for ages.  Labour left vs Labour right.  I wish Labour could manage what I think of as an internal coalition.  (My personal politics are, very roughly, half way between what I, displaying my personal bias, call blue Labour, i.e. New Labour, and those at the Communist end of the spectrum, and I'd be very happy to vote Green if I thought my local Green candidate stood a chance of being voted in.)

I really could do with finding people to debate politics with.  You can see that when I get going, I post long screeds.  I miss debating with Se├ín on the phone.

I have memories of when Cameron was leading the opposition for the Tories and was all concerned to promise things being better for the disabled of the country and for me it felt awkward as I have a strong dislike of the Tory Party. As time passed I found my dislike of the Tories to be well founded as once having gain power Cameron and his fellow Tories rapidly developed selective amnesia and dumped all their concerns for the country's disabled, especially any who might be claiming welfare benefits.

I think there's something of a grass is greener tint to things when the party of government are making life more difficult than it need be for us. There will be many here who will recall in the run up to an election, where Labour were looking to regain power, their would be DWP minister was telling the cameras all about how they would be harder on benefit claimants, Reeves I think was the woman I mind most in one interview on the telly.

Here in Scotland Labour allowed itself to take Scottish voters for granted and this saw the SNP begin to gain on them as many, seeing the ignoring of various circumstances by Labour governments here in Scotland, began to understand just how little the people of Scotland mattered to Labour beyond gaining a majority in Westminster. In effect it all comes down to both these main political parties being about themselves and not much else.

Many MPs once elected would sacrifice their granny to hold on to the financial support of their Party as it is this support and that of the Party's election machine that provides the security of a best hope of re-election come future general elections. Just imagine a general election without the Party logos being allowed on leaflets and the like, where candidates had to stand up and declare what they believe in and personally stand for. To stand for election on the strength of their character and argument and not because of family, party or union money support.

Maybe it's because of my getting on in my years that I'm becoming more and more intolerant of those in Westminster, including the Speaker of the House, but were I given the chance I'd introduce either a large calibre hand gun to the chamber with the understanding that any minister at the dispatch box who fails to answer the question asked is shot on the spot and the next in line called up to answer the same question. The result I'm sure would see the question asked being answered at the first time of it being asked. I know that is of course totally a non starter and perhaps not a bit too daft, my other suggestion would be for their to be attached to the dispatch box two electrical poles, one live the other negative, and which the minister at the box is compelled to hold, one in each hand, and made aware that should s/he fail to answer the question asked, try to deflect or distract from said question be given a short shock through these poles.

It is simple answer the question asked and there will be no need for any shocks being administered, sure we might not like the answer but so long as it is an answer to the question we asked we can live with that.

I have sympathy for your aim to obtain an actual answer from Ministers, but my problem is who is the arbiter of the answer, Who holds the gun or the shock switch?

How do we know what the answer should be? Perhaps every voter should be given a Like/Dislike button and if more people hit Dislike then the shock is administered.

A sort of nationwide poll/kangaroo court depending on your point of view.

For me it would be for the Speaker of the House to administer the shock, a mild one (at first) Lindsay Hoyle is less likely to be of sufficient strength of character to such control on the House but were John Berclow still the House's speaker I'd expect the electric bill for Westminster to double :f_laugh:

I feel it is all too obvious, especially in Johnson's case, when questions are not being addressed and answered but it's not only those watching Westminster that's seeing this country's parliament fraudulently claiming to be anything of a democracy even Europe is witnessing it as they learn that there is now, if there ever was, no good reason to trust anything a British politician says.

Sunny Clouds:
I find it interesting but sad to see how the UK and those running it look through the eyes of other countries' media.

I was watching a Wion news report earlier today, about police and government handling of demonstrations, particularly by women.  It showed clips of Kill the Bill demos, with police officers using shield edges to hit women with, and police officers dragging a woman off, her trousers pulled down as they grabbed her, and carrying her away with her undies covering very little.

The report mentioned someone in the UK parliament mentioning some sort of democracy issue in another country whilst that same parliament is taking away more and more of our democracy.


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