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There have been announcements re PIP assessments but dont all start panicking please, phone assessments seem to be the preferred option
6 JULY, 2020
Government announces that ‘review and renewal activity’ is to resume for PIP and DLA
However, DWP confirms that the suspension of face-to-face assessments for health and disability benefits is to continue following consideration of the latest public health guidance
The government has announced that 'review and renewal activity' is to resume for personal independence payment (PIP) and disability living allowance (DLA).
Reviews and reassessments for disability benefits were suspended for three months in the early phase of the COVID-19 lockdown, and DWP Minister Justin Tomlinson said recently that -
'Reviews and reassessments remain suspended while we review what activity we can gradually start reintroducing in line with the latest public health advice.'
However, the DWP announced today that from July 2020 -
'As measures are taken across the country to ease restrictions, the department will gradually resume some review and reassessment activity which had been put on hold because of the Coronavirus outbreak. We will shortly be restarting review and renewal activity in PIP and DLA, starting with those claims which were already underway when this activity was suspended.'
The DWP adds that -
it will shortly be writing to some PIP and DLA claimants asking them to complete paperwork to resume their reviews, reassessments and renewals; and
for PIP cases where paperwork has already been returned, claimants may be contacted by one of the DWP's Assessment Providers.
NB - the DWP has however said that the suspension of face-to-face assessments for health and disability benefits is to continue -
'This temporary suspension, initially brought in for three months to protect people from unnecessary risk of coronavirus at the outset of the pandemic, will remain in place following a consideration of the latest public health guidance. We will announce any changes to this in due course.'
For more information see Face-to-face assessment suspension continues for health and disability benefits from

ESA not mentioned?  I posted my latest form off just as this covid-19 thing kicked off.  (back in March)

Hi Steve

As far as I'm aware nothing has changed for ESA but assessments seem to be via phone anyway.

Well they don't have my phone number (due to the fact I could not deal with them having it and knowing they could phone whenever they wanted, just the thought of it freaks me out big time.   tbh my mum is the only person who has it.) 

Thanks for the info anyway, much appreciated!

Before they can initiate a telephone assessment do you have to return a completed ESA50?


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