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Factsheets and Information
« on: 05 Aug 2017 01:36PM »
Some people wont want to post on the boards and we still want to help them by suggesting resources and websites we recommend. they have fact sheets which are free and also produce a handbook Disability Rights Handbook - 2017-2018 - This section of the website has information about benefits. - they have a welfare rights team provides support to those advising on welfare benefits and tax credits:they also have a book Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook 2017/18 - advice on all aspects of mental illness, including factsheets.  - for better mental health includes guides to support and services - help for disabled people free helpline, 0808 800 3333 email .They provide free, independent and impartial information and support, 9am – 5pm weekdays. Allsorts of advice, including a benefits calculator. Fighting UK poverty., also has a benefits calculator
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