Author Topic: Maintaining social housing - The good, the fast, and the uncommunicative.  (Read 1455 times)


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Social housing landlords across the country can let out a collective sigh of relief following a recent poll of social housing tenants that reports two thirds are happy or very happy with the condition of their properties.

While the mainstream media may have us believe social housing is falling into disrepair, on the contrary, 35% believe standards are on the up and more than half say their landlords respond quickly to maintenance needs and have the work completed to a high standard.
In fact, our research paints a largely positive image of life in social housing with a third of respondents saying they live in a ‘lovely area’ and a fifth reporting their communities are tight-knit places where everyone looks out for one another.



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In other words the majority do not live in a nice area (66%) and most (80%) do not live in tight-knit communities!


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That's a good point, auntie - hardly "a largely positive image of life"!

I've had good and bad experiences with social housing - in my first council flat, I had to leave after 12 years due to neighbour problems.  In my current housing association flat where I have now resided for 15 years, I've had no trouble whatsoever - but I wouldn't know if my community was 'tight-knit' or not as I keep myself to myself (apart from being on 'hello, how's the weather' terms with the five others in my particular block).

No complaints so far about the maintenance and repair services either - touch wood!


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Are these figures taken from surveys done by the landlords themselves?  If so, most tenants (like me) don't even bother to complete them.  Probably because we know that the survey questions are skewed in favour of the landlord. Like the figures for hospital food, the hospitals say that 75% of patients think the food is good but Sustain say that there are over 3m meals left uneaten.  So if you take this into account as well........................ >whistle<


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Some people don't bother to fill in surveys unless they have something to complain about though. 
Some of the non-responders are probably perfectly content & don't feel the need to tell the council/ HA unless things are not OK. 
Others have no contact with anyone from the council/ HA for ages as they don't need to (rent paid by DD, no problems/ maintenance in the last year or two).
Most organisations don't get many unprompted letters of praise but do get unprompted letters of complaint pretty often.  >confusedgif<