Author Topic: Migrated to ESA from IB payday changed with no warning  (Read 2281 times)

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I was migrated to ESA from IB at the beginning of March.  I was specifically asked if my payment day would change, and was told it would not.  However, payment has been moved from Friday (as it has been for years), to the FOLLOWING Monday.

I'm paid fortnightly, somehow I didn't notice this change four weeks ago (i'd had some backdated CSA money, and so didn't go to the post office til the Monday), a fortnight ago it was Easter, so the money was paid on Thursday, as both Friday and Monday were bank holidays.

Today, I went to the post office and there was nothing in the account.

I rang the card account people who said "ESA payday is Monday".

I rang the DWP, who said "ESA is paid on Monday",  but I was told my payment would not change, I said, and what about the three days i've lost.

"Oh no" she said "you haven't lost any days, Incapacity payday was Monday too"

no, it wasn't, i've been paid on a Friday every fortnight for years.

"Well Incapacity is due Monday, but they pay it early"    What the F***??

Now, as it happens, this week, i'm not completely broke, (often by payday, i'm down to my last few coppers) and as my Gas and Electricity are paid by direct debit, i won't be left without power, but what about people on key meters?

I'll manage over the weekend, though i'll have to change my plans, as i've no money for petrol so I won't be able to visit family as planned, and I won't be able to go shopping tomorrow (when I have my son to help me).

But, how can this cruel Government have set up a system which with NO warning leaves people who, by definition have a very little, without the money they rely on, for three whole days.

I am so angry about this, and I wanted to warn others who are migrating that this could happen to them.


ps.  i rang again ( because as we all know, sometimes, we're given different information by different DWP staff), and this time spoke to someone who was really helpful and sympathetic.  He explained that all benefits are paid fortnightly in arrears. IB was paid a day early ie. on the last day of the fortnight, but ESA is paid on the first day of the next fortnight.  Sadly for me, as my old payday was Friday, and the next working day is Monday, this has meant a three day change, where for most people it's only one day different.  He completed a 'customer comment form' for me, where i explained the situation, and asked that in future people are told in advance of this change.

but it got me thinking, this change from the last day of the fortnight, to the day after the last day of the fortnight, must be saving the DWP millions of pounds, so it will (bearing in mind that hundereds of thousands of us are migrating at the moment) be showing a huge decrease in benefit spending - yet another massaging of the figures, which probably seems minor to the Government, but impacts hugely on individuals.