Author Topic: There is NO time limit for disabled people on Universal Credit to find a job  (Read 4977 times)


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I don't know whether this is the right part of the forum, but I think it needs to be "sticky" if a moderator could do it. Just in case anyone on UC gets "faffed" about it is here in chapter and verse:-

“Claimants who are expected to look for and be available for work must do all they reasonably can to find and take up a job. The Universal Credit Regulations 2013 regulations 93 – 99 set out the parameters for setting work-related requirements and regulations 101- 105 set out the different types of sanctions. A link to the Regulations is provided here:

“Sanctions are only used in a minority of cases when people fail to attend work-search reviews; fail to meet the work-related requirements they have agreed in their Claimant Commitment; fail to apply for work or take up an offer of work; or leave a job, without good reason. The DWP does not have any statutory powers to sanction or reduce benefit payments solely on the basis that a claimant has been trying but has been unable to find work within 2 years.

“There are no time limits for how long a UC claimant is given to find a job.”


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Thank you very much indeed, l'Ankou. >tah<


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Cheers, Lankou - I've moved thread to Welfare Rights and stickied it for you >thumbsup<