Author Topic: Can we afford a healthy diet?  (Read 22044 times)


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Re: Can we afford a healthy diet?
« Reply #75 on: 30 Dec 2011 06:58PM »
I was lucky enough to be able to afford the spend with some Christmas money on a new gadget which I hope will really help with my cooking situation. It's a multi-cooker, and although many of its bells and whistles are just there to make it look like it does more things than it really does, the main bonus points for me is that it slow cooks without a massive heavy ceramic bowl that I can never lift out to clean, spare bowls are available so I can use it twice without washing it up between, and wonder of wonders it has a boil function which is entirely automatic. To boil up pasta now I add pasta and cold water in the machine, set the cook time and walk away. It will not boil over as the temperature and steam valve controls everything, and I don't need to wait around for it to boil as it does that itself, starts a timer from when it boils up then counts down. Remove pasta and consume. No more pratting around with pots and pans and kettles and forgetting I put stuff on the cooker at all, dropping pans, spilling water, boiling over the side of the pan, and I can actually lift the bowl out (when cold) to pour away the waste water. One recipe allows the water to absorb into the dish and you cook pasta in sauce with everything in together and you just shut the lid and walk away, it will keep it warm for hours until you are ready to eat. I can make use of the fact I am reasonably able to prep a meal first thing in the morning but am dead by the time I need an evening meal, I can open the cooker and find a meal already in there. And if i don't eat it I cool it and freeze it. I am a happy bunny.


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Re: Can we afford a healthy diet?
« Reply #76 on: 30 Dec 2011 07:02PM »

A table that shows pounds, pounds and stones and kilos.

Dead handy and easy read ;)


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Re: Can we afford a healthy diet?
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Thats a good chart Hossylass  >thumbsup<  can you put that in the new thread please a stickie at the top >tah<  >rainbow<


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Re: Can we afford a healthy diet?
« Reply #78 on: 31 Dec 2011 09:32AM »
the multi cooker sounds great.. ive a slow cooker.. what does the multi cooker do that a slow cooker doesnt..if it has lots of extra functionsI  may consider putting my christmas cash towards one ..
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