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Sleep - taking a different approach
« on: 24 Apr 2022 02:19PM »
I've been sleeping better recently then last night couldn't get to sleep and was in a right state.

I thought it was just because of some sudden unwanted news, but then today I wondered whether it was because I hadn't used a new strategy I'd been using for about a week.

This won't, obviously, work for everyone, but I simply switched which language I'm thinking in as I lie in bed.  It's not just about range of vocabulary, its that I use and have used different languages in different contexts.  Also, I have, over the years, done most of my 'woe is me, look what went wrong, analyse, fret, angst' thinking in English.  I realised that my vocabularly for that stuff is far less in other languages.

So I'd been lying in bed, switching back and forth between French and German.

That being said, even as I type this, something occurs to me.  I do puzzles in bed and I think I'd been mainly doing sudoku (number puzzles) for a while before turning the light off, rather than word puzzles.

I wish my local shops sold simple French or German crossword puzzles.  If I used a smartphone or tablet, I'd look for some to do online, but I use a desktop, so that wouldn't enable me to take them to bed.

Anyway, the experiment goes on.
(I'm an obsessive problem-solver, so feel free to ignore any suggestions or solutions I offer, even if they sound terribly insistent.)