Author Topic: The government has mislead the public again  (Read 754 times)


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The government has mislead the public again
« on: 13 May 2021 03:43PM »
When the government introduced Universal Credit they said that it was needed to "simplify the system" and "reduce benefit fraud". Well it certainly hasn't succeeded at reducing fraud in any way so that claim was clearly just the government misleading the public in order to get the changes made to hide the truth about the large reduction in income many families would experience. The amount of working poor that there are currently is thought to be at a level never experienced since the start of the welfare state.

I wish government leaders were called to account for the previous assertions that fraud would be reduced with the onset of Universal Credit even if the party leaders have changed since.


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Re: The government has mislead the public again
« Reply #1 on: 13 May 2021 10:35PM »
Leaders called to account?   When it sank into those at the top of the Tory Party that a majority of voters in England were (and are) content to have a liar as their Prime Minister they, the Tories knew they could lie with immunity, that no matter what Johnson said or did there would be no impact on their election prospects.

The Tory voting people of England have made their bed and now they are going to have probably a right long decade of sleeping in it. They will have no one to blame but themselves. With luck, and it will take a degree of luck, Scotland will regain its independence and be free of the UK. Sadly I doubt it'll be under the leadership of Sturgeon. It is Sturgeon that is giving Johnson the comfort of knowing with her leading Scotland there will be 'NO' 2nd referendum for independence before 2026 as Sturgeon will make sure to find an excuse, any excuse, to kick any such referendum further down the road. Mind you the day after she has lost the keys to her Scottish government provided home (Bute House I believe) she will be the one to be heard screaming loudest for Scotland to have another referendum.

I would not be surprised to learn of a liar unit within government(s) where wannabe politicians are sent for testing of their lying skills before they are found a constituency of commensurate levels of intelligence and understanding who will be likely to vote for whichever clown is foisted on them.