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Updated 20 September 2013


"We are delaying the reassessment for some DLA claimants by 3 weeks until 28 October, following the consultation on the PIP "Moving around" assessment criteria, to give the government more time to consider responses and to respond."

Also included is a collection of fact sheets on key Personal Independence Payment (PIP) topics.

1.   conditions of entitlement
2.   assessment criteria
3.   differences and similarities between Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and PIP
4.   passporting to other benefits and services
5.   introducing PIP for new claimants (8 April 2013)
6.   reassessing existing DLA claimants for PIP
7.   how to make a claim for PIP
8.   completing the ‘how your disability affects you’ form
9.   assessment process and assessment providers
10.   decision and payment
11.   Access to Work
12.   special rules for terminally ill people
13.   supporting young people to claim PIP
14.   people approaching age 65 and over
15.   supporting PIP claimants who are in a vulnerable situation
16.   disputes process
17.   changes in circumstance