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some useful links
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For those appealing ESA WCA decisions:

These may appear else where on the boards, but I came across them all in one place and thought they would be useful:

Professor Harrington’s recommendations in Section 3.1.9 (Variable and fluctuating conditions) in Chapter 4 his Independent Review of the Work Capability Assessment which you can see at: 

WCA Handbook used by Atos assessors at: 

 document called Assessing Capacity for Work (PDF, 4 pages, 370.6 KB).
Go to:  where you can download the full report. This document states that: “ has been shown that claimants who have representation from rights organisations stand a much bigger chance of being awarded ESA after appeal than those who do not.”

Esther McVey MP is the Minister for Disabled People. You can email her at: or telephone her on 020 7219 7191. However, your local MP has duty to respond to you.

Some of you might be eligible for Free Legal Aid. You will need to find a Legal Aid Solicitor in your area who specialises in welfare benefits. You can find one at:

regards, Deb