Author Topic: A quick guide to Pip (Personal Independence Payment)  (Read 1538 times)


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I was sent this through work & its aimed at advisors rather than claimants but there is plenty more info about PIP kicking about

Frequently asked questions

All we need are the criteria confirmed now


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Re: A quick guide to Pip (Personal Independence Payment)
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Have read the above.

I cannot believe the forms sent out are to be called "Telling Your Story" who on earth do they think they are talking to=5 year olds????

They say that on these forms you explain how your condition affects daily life, good and bad days and over a range of activities, then it says "Most will attend a face to face consultation to explain support needs in their own words"  Have we not already done that by filling in the "Telling Your Story???

I was gobsmacked when I read this, surely there must be a better name for the forms than THAT and why do we have to explain ourselves twice? Cant they read? Why do we need to go through all this when they already have it written down on our DLA forms especially if they are recent ones and you get an indefinate award, just trying to catch us out I bet oh and to save money which they isnt the case, I dont trust them on bit.