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Pure planet have just announced that they have ceased trading. I'd switched to them a few months back because their fixed rate came out cheapest on the mse comparison site. So I will lose the good rate I signed up for and carefully chose as being best for my needs, as a low energy user it is best to use a firm that has low standing daily charges and charges more per unit of energy than the other way around. Now I will be handed over to another firm that might have a totally unhelpful charging package for the amount of energy I use.

Also, I had applied for this winter's warm home discount but it's not been processed. What's the betting I miss the boat on whichever firm I am handed to and can't get the warm home discount this year? That makes a massive difference to how free I feel to heat my home on the very cold days.

What a mess this energy crisis is!

Sunny Clouds:
I'm just ranty over fuel overall.

A few years back, I switched to Ebico.  I liked the fact that they had what I considered to be an ethical way of charging - the same rate per unit/therm, no matter how you paid.  Since I didn't have a prepay meter, it wasn't me that benefitted most, although some firms would charge me more than the cheapest because I didn't pay direct debit.

They were partnered with SSE and I liked the service.  Then Ebico said SSE were trying to poach their customers and moved us to Robin Hood.  It was a nightmare of rubbish information.  It wasn't as good a deal, wasn't as convenient to pay etc.  With Ebico + SSE, I'd had cards I could pre-load but RH didn't do those.

Then it turned out that SSE weren't trying to poach their customers.  The government started requiring energy companies to tell customers what their cheapest package was, and since Ebico were supplying SSE energy under a white label agreement, SSE was just doing what the law required.

I didn't like being with RH, then they went bust.  Ebico said they were transferring me to British Gas.  I said no, I'm going to Octopus. RH blocked my transfer on the basis of an unpaid electricity bill, and when I managed to get the message across that I'd got proof in the form of a stamped bill and receipt from the post office that it had been paid before they blocked the transfer, they withdrew the block...and blocked the gas instead...which had been paid for at the same time as the electricity.

For a while after I managed to transfer, they were chasing me with debt collectors for a bill I'd paid.  To begin with, I thought I was just getting scam calls until I checked the number and phoned Robin Hood.

Octopus looks like it may survive this and word is that it's buying up other companies, but who knows?

I'm sitting here with a fan heater on, thinking of all the times in my life when I've been cold, and my  heart goes out to all those that are cold.  I can go all nostalgic about how when I was a child, we had ice on the inside of the bedroom windows because the bedrooms were unheated, there were just a couple of downstairs fireplaces heated by coal etc., etc.  But the chillblains were no fun, and "My generation put up with it" is no reason for thinking it's ok for people today. 

Besides, Dad may have left me his money, but what you can gain, you can lose.  Tomorrow, it might be me again that's cold.  Hugs, Fiz, and anyone else that needs it.


I have found the new tarrif for Shell energy variable 6 and as suspected my previous price per kWh gas was 15p and with shell it will be 26p both rounded down. Also the daily standing charge for gas with pure planet was about £55 a year but with shell it will be almost £98. That's £98 without even using any gas.

I don't think it's affordable for me and I am seriously considering asking shell energy to remove my gas meter and cap the supply so I am not charged the standing charge and can't use gas. I have only used the gas heating myself if the temperature drops below freezing or I have family staying so the standing charges are a lot for a few days use each year. So I think I will move to just electricity once the switch is complete. The government caps what companies can charge per kWh energy but it appears energy companies can charge what they like for daily standing charges for both electricity and for gas and those prices have almost doubled. Martin Lewis doesn't seem to have picked up on this loophole.

Sunny Clouds:
It depends which tariff you're using how the caps work.

Ofgem -

--- Quote ---The price cap limits the rates a supplier can charge for their default tariffs. These include the standing charge and price for each kWh of electricity and gas (the units your bill is calculated from).
Ofgem sets the cap level for summer and winter based on the underlying costs to supply energy. This keeps prices fair and makes sure suppliers reflect any drops in costs in your rates.

--- End quote ---
Link for more details
But whichever tariff you're on, and however the caps work, the increases in fuel costs are certainly scary.
I hope whichever way you decide to go, you can keep your home warm enough.
I'm currently cursing myself for not having done something I meant to do at least three years ago, which is to stock up on wood and 'smokeless fuel' supplies for emergencies.  They pollute the environment, which is why I didn't get round to it, but they heat the house.  I think if energy prices go much higher, the demand for fireplace fuel will get bad enough that a lot of my neighbours will be burning wet wood in their fireplaces, de-transitioning from electricity & gas.

Apparently the government are working towards no households using gas central heating in the coming years. Thankfully electric heating has got cheaper over the years. When I was a child only economy 7 was 'affordable' and electric bar fires and fan heaters were extortionate. Oil filled radiators were middle road but dearer than gas central heating. Dyson now do economic to run thermostatically controlled cooling fan/heaters combined and I have one in my living room and one in my bedroom. Potentially having a shower will be an act of bravery when it's very cold! But my two main rooms I spend time in will be fine.


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