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Evening folks, I hope everyone has been keeping well. I've been away for a wee while as in not posting here on Ouch, let's say I've been having a few problems.

Where do I start?  I had been talking with the guy who built the gazebo thing in the back garden about adding a base, those decking board things, that was about 6/7 months back and whilst he did tell me about how the price of timber has rocketed recently I've not heard a word since. So I made my own base using plywood sheeting and huge rolls of rubber matting.

I had booked a flight to Berlin with Easyjet for November 4th but I've since had an email telling me of the flight's cancellation, the 3rd/4th such booking cancellation with the earliest flights from Glasgow now being from March 2022. Currently I have another flight booked out of Edinburgh and can only but wait to see it that too is cancelled.

Recently, over the past few days I've been suffering what I hope is only trapped gas but the pain is a bit much. I feel it has been brought on because of the sheer frustration I have experienced trying to find or get answers to questions relating to my trip to Berlin. It appears Easyjet have once again farmed out their call handling to somewhere in India which makes understanding some of the people I have spoken with a bit more difficult to understand, not their fault I hasten to add.

I managed, eventually, to order a day 2 test (£68) for after my return to the Scotland but then I read in a newspaper's travel advice pages of a passenger who was travelling with Lufthanser (sp?) who though they had taken the required 3 day prior to UK return covid19 test at the airport because it was in German they were refused boarding on the basis that it would not be accepted when they arrived at their UK destination airport. Trying to find out from either Easyjet or the Scottish government web pages was useless. Suggestions such as taking this test with me when I leave to fly to Germany is plain daft as I'd need to return the test to the UK for the results and then wait for the result to be sent on to me, by which time no doubt I would have missed my flight back. Even where the test is done in the UK using Easyjet's own recommended testing company they require it to be dropped off and the nearest drop off point to me is a choice between Aberdeen or Glasgow. Even the postal option requires some sort of specialist courier company and hell alone knows how much they'd be charging, without guarantee of delivery in time.

Another of my frustrations has involved simply getting to Edinburgh airport. In the process of trying to work out the booking of a bus to Edinburgh I first discovered my bus pass had expired in June last year and then that there were no busses direct from Inverness to Edinburgh. I have to make a near 7 hour journey going via Glasgow, a nightmare. I have also found out that there are currently no flights from Inverness to Edinburgh, though apparently Easyjet intent to start such flights from sometime next year, not a lot of use right now.

So as I sit here tonight I can only but hope the flight I have arranged is not cancelled and once in Berlin I can find a Covid19 test supplier at the BER airport which will provide an English language test result.

There are so many things I need to get to Berlin to help my friend with and which though my friend will get them done if I am not there it will be so much better if I'm able to help, things like removing her car battery to take it to be recharged.

Hopefully I will get the BF5 form I requested from the DWP and my new bus pass will arrive in time for me to book my seats to get me to Edinburgh. Apart from the time spent travelling to Edinburgh I'll need to wait at the airport over night for my flight the next day, I'd better make sure to pack some loo roll:o)

Sunny Clouds:
Aargh, that's all a nightmare to deal with!

Hang on - I've got it - get a train down south, hire a little dinghy and pretend to be an asylum seeker.  You'll get a free trip to France courtesy of Priti Patel, and then you can put on a strong German accent, pretend you faked being an asylum seeker and came from Germany, and you'll get a free trip to Germany.

Not sure about getting back, though. 

Oh, ok, that won't work.  On a serious note, I reckon based on what you've posted over the years that if anyone can suss how to get to Germany and back in these ridiculous times, it's you.  Do us a favour, though - when you do those tests, make sure you're negative, not just so you can get through the border, but so that you don't get coviddy-dedded or long-covid-ified.

As for that pain, please don't do the blokey stiff-upper-lip thing for too long.  Whilst my gut feeling (geddit?) is that it's what you think it is or similarly harmless, if it isn't, delaying getting it checked out could be a bit of a problem.

Oh dear, I'm lecturing you.  Not good.  Let's try a hug instead.


Hello Sunny, your, "make sure you're negative, not just so you can get through the border" had me thinking of the Secret Army series which I've been watching on DVD, like where could I find a good document forger?  :f_laugh:

I'll be phoning my GP's surgery tomorrow if my problem with what I hope is trapped gas hasn't lessened. I had an experience many years back, not long after I had returned to my own home following my car crash and found myself with such serious pain I feared I was having a heart attack. I got hold of a taxi and went to the nearest hospital and whilst waiting to be seen I had to use the loos to be sick because of the pain I was experiencing. Well I was helluva sick and instinctively flushed the loo and the dentures I had been fitted with due to the damage to my jaw from the crash. That was annoying but what really embarrassed me was what happened when I was seen by the doctor. I was asked to get onto the examination table and kneel on it with my troosers around my feet and backside in the air whereupon the doctor put what I can only guess was some sort of tube (I'm sure you can guess where) and the racket and force of what was released felt like it was enough to blow the examination area's curtains away. Trust me there's never been a more embarrassed visitor to an A&E department than I. As I left the examination area I could not look anyone in the waiting area in the eye. Once out though I was simply happy to be rid of the pain.

Sunny Clouds:
I love how nonchalant they can be in A&E.  On one occasion a few years back, I was taken to A&E with a head injury and parked on a trolley, firmly strapped to a backboard.  I wet myself and after they'd taken pictures of my brain and carefully felt my neck and spine, the team then snatched off my trousers and knickers with wondrous speed and efficiency. 

As for forging documents, I couldn't help but feel slightly sorry for a woman in another country (can't remember which) that I saw in the news who'd faked a vaccination card but spelt moderna wrong.  Oops.  Bad enough to be caught out breaking rules in a way that can harm others without being exposed as incompetent.

Sunny, I could imagine the woman with the spelling problem just cursing that darn auto correct on her computer :f_laugh:   I mind sending some Golden Virginia from a post office in Berlin to my mate here where I live and on the declaration of what the small parcel contained I could only think to write, 'gift'  well my friend and the woman behind the post office counter fell into fits of laughter, why?   Well unbeknown to me gift in German means poison :f_yikes:    I suppose it was correct though as you could argue tobacco is a form of poison :f_smiley:


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