Author Topic: IDS fails to show up for General Election hustings in his own constituency  (Read 1924 times)


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Voters from Iain Duncan Smith’s constituency last night called for him to be sanctioned – with his MP’s salary suspended – for failing to show up at his local hustings.

Candidates from six other parties – Labour, Green, Lib Dem, Class War, TUSC and UKIP – managed to make the event at Woodford Memorial Hall. But the sitting MP failed to show up in his constituency of Chingford and Woodford Green in north London.

Organisers said he had been “called away to the north-west of the country” after a “late change to his schedule”.

Duncan Smith – who doesn’t live in the constituency – was quoted as saying “these things often happen”. He had given some answers to prearranged questions via Facebook.

Sister of David Clapson, the diabetic ex-soldier who died after having his benefits cut, was there to protest and said Tory ministers were too scared to defend their record.

At the hustings, Campaigner Gill Thompson – whose brother David Clapson died after being sanctioned under a regime made more brutal by Duncan Smith – moved many in the audience to tears.

“My brother died because of Iain Duncan Smith’s policies,” she said. “He wasn’t a scrounger. He was a former soldier. He died with a pile of CVs next to his body. He was a diabetic. After he was sanctioned he couldn’t even keep his insulin cold in the fridge.”

In IDS’ absence, the other candidates said what had happened to David was appalling. “It seems particularly cruel and painful,” said Bilal Mahmood for Labour. Rebecca Tully for the Green Party, said the system was “making sick people sicker”.

Afterwards, Gill agreed with the shouts from the crowd that IDS should be sanctioned for failing to show up. “He should be sanctioned, and have his MP’s salary stopped,” she said.

“Why does he think he is above having to turn up to his own hustings? It’s because he can’t defend his own policies.”

Debbie Abrahams, the Labour MP who instigated an inquiry into the use of sanctions, said: "Gill has shown incredible courage to challenge Iain Duncan Smith to answer questions about the way he allows the use of inappropriate benefit sanctions against vulnerable people.

"Mr Duncan Smith's ability to avoid answering direct questions, even from us as work and pensions select committee members is mind-blowing.”

Meanwhile another top Conservative, Wirral West MP Esther McVey yesterday pulled out of a live radio interview in Liverpool city centre.

Radio station LBC brought its election Battle Bus to Liverpool ONE as part of a countrywide tour.

Liverpool Echo reporter Joe Thomas – who is on board the Battle Bus – tweeted: “Last night’s rumour was correct and Esther McVey has pulled out of today’s live interview in Liverpool city centre.”

And the third senior minister in their department, Mark Harper, failed to show up at the last moment for a BBC debate on welfare.

“They must be terrified,” Gill Thompson said. “They can’t defend their record.”


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Wonder if with the Tory "we won't tell you what our intentions are till after we're elected" approach, these DWP ministers will be kept away from the public and media altogether ... or will they (with some media collusion) launch a very late "smearing" attack on unemployed, ill, carers, housewives, disabled, low-paid, OAPs etc. -- banking on Labour lack of bite thanks to Unum-line adherence by the likes of Reeves and Cooper, while leaving no time for the rest of their opponents to effectively respond.


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He is our MP and we would have been surprised if he had turned up. My daughter went and was outside first handing out leaflets and did the same on Saturday when DPAC protested outside his constituency office. The leaflets are entitled please do not vote for IDS a plea from a disabled resident of Chingford. We have some left and will be putting them through doors locally but I don't expect it will make much difference in this safe Tory seat. At least she can feel she tried though.


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At least she can feel she tried though.

She is not alone:- (expletives deleted by me.) Feel free to disseminate it.

coreboy2010  • 4 months ago 


Hello. You don't know me, but I'm 40 years old, male, disabled and live outside of London, and recently employed. That's all that matters really.

I've been employed on and off over the past four years. I've spent most of that time though under the system at the Department of Work & Pensions. It's hell, it's dehumanizing and it's heartbreaking.

I struggled my way to this job, some of which you might hear about on this page, but I'm here now. Unfortunately, that's not an option for everyone. Some people CAN'T work, not that the Department of Work & Pensions cares. Under Iain Duncan Smith (Your MP) people have died. I have read stories that should break your heart, if you have one.

You do have a heart, don't you? Good. Here's what someone with a heart would do. Rid this country of Iain Duncan Smith.

Seriously. Next May, go and vote. You should be doing that anyway. But this time, I beg you, plead with you, not to vote Conservative. On behalf of everyone who dreads facing another 5 years of this man deciding whether we can heat our houses or feed ourselves every winter. For the old lady I read about today who can't even afford a mince pie. Think about that as you consider what to get for Xmas Lunch. Is it duck or goose this year? I'll be in a service station, just grateful it's my job.

Like I said, you don't know me, so please visit this page over the coming days and weeks where I'll be inviting people to tell you about their lives in Cameron's Britain at the end of 2014.

Because it might be your mum next year. We're all just a few meals away, a road accident, a terrorist attack or a heart attack, from really needing other people.

Or a (expletive deleted) mince pie for (expletive deleted) sake.