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Green Fingers
« on: 17 Jun 2021 12:38PM »
So I've been pottering around in the garden planting up my planters and trying to find plants suitable for windy coastal gardens as the area at the front of our flat gets the full force of the wind straight off the Channel. Fortunately the local nurseries are suitably stocked and my PA took me shopping for the first time since I moved last year, when I finally stopped shielding.

I bought a small courgette plant from the nursery too that we have planted in a battered old galvanised dustbin we found at the end of the garden. I've lovingly nurtured it and it's starting to get small flower buds on it and tiny courgettes so I'm very excited.
We have a couple of tomato plants that we were given by a friend and have them growing up against the side of the shed for support. They're doing well too.

When I have a sunny day, I'll go out and take some pictures to post so you can admire my handiwork  :f_laugh: With an awful lot of help from both my husband and my PA of course! I'm the creative genius  :f_winkeye:

So how are your gardens, window sills, balconies etc looking? I'm a sucker for houseplants and have been experimenting with carnivorous plants and it's not been totally successful!
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