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Small wins
« on: 11 Oct 2021 06:36PM »
The lady from reablement was here last week and I pointed to the Dyson cool me fan sitting on my chest of drawers, brand new and still sealed in the cellophane it arrived in with my address label on. I explained that in July there was a spell of unbearable hot weather and I was getting no sleep at all and felt dreadful. I went on the Dyson website and it had these cool me fans in stock available for next day delivery and you could choose morning or afternoon delivery so I placed my order looking forward to only one more hot sleepless night. Over a week later I tried to contact Dyson to find out where the fan was but it was two weeks before they responded saying it hadn't left their warehouse but they were arranging delivery. Long story short, the heatwave was well and truly over by the time it was delivered so it has sat unused and unopened ever since. The annoying thing is I had thought is it will be used next summer for the first time by which time the year's guarantee will be up. The reablement team lady said that I should get a refund as it's clearly sealed as it was on arrival and not been opened.

I think I don't complain easily because once I step into the ring as it were, I get caught up in justice/injustice like a dog with a bone so often never step into the ring or complain about anything to protect my mental health. But she got me thinking and as she said, the refunded money will be useful to me right now and I can think about a bedroom fan next summer.

So via the Dyson website I found the way to WhatsApp their customer services and quoted my order number and explained how it's new and sealed and only unused because Dyson failed big time on their promised "scheduled delivery". But I got nowhere as they weren't prepared to move beyond their 35 day returns guarantee. I'd explained how unwell I had been including a hospital stay but they weren't budging.

But of course by then I was in the ring so I saught out the email address of the current Dyson CEO and emailed him directly on Saturday. Long story short, Sunday has a booked collection for the unused fan this Wednesday and I am getting a full refund as soon as they have picked it up. So, it's a win!

I've decided though that I will add to the refund and buy a Dyson cooling and heating fan that purifies but will buy it from John Lewis because they deliver when they say they will and they provide a free 2nd year guarantee on electrical goods. I have a Dyson cooling and heating fan in my living room which is brilliant so that sorts the temperature out there as it's thermostatically controlled and really saved my heating costs last winter. My thoughts are if I have one in my bedroom then I won't need to turn my heating on at all unless family stay here because I can just be heating the two rooms that I use. I reckon I can save the money I am adding to my refund within 2 months of not using the gas central heating when I previously would have, after that I will be saving money.

So I am grateful for the reablement team lady who prompted me to attempt to get a refund plus thankful for the CEO email website who so helpfully provide the names and email addresses of most CEOs and that that tactic worked so well!

It does make me feel a bit of a rebel though, fighting so hard for a refund when legally I wasn't entitled. It was a moral right rather than legal and thankfully the CEO could see that I guess. Why do I feel so naughty for kicking up and complaining?

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Re: Small wins
« Reply #1 on: 11 Oct 2021 09:34PM »
I find it difficult to ask for refunds.  I have a tumble dryer that's got a problem with the filter where over time it warps and fluff escapes.  They replaced it once but I didn't chase it.

I felt proud of myself for rejecting a new washing machine (from John Lewis) because it was dented and insisting on a replacement.  I also felt proud of myself for asking a neighbour with a smartphone to photo it and email the pictures.

Your approach to insisting on a refund has been stored in my mental armoury.  In recent years, I've gradually realised that too often in life, I haven't gone right to the top when things aren't to a satisfactory standard and you've just reminded me not only of the importance of doing that but that it doesn't have to be impossibly difficult.  So you've 'paid forward' the nudge the reablement lady gave you.

Thank you.
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Re: Small wins
« Reply #2 on: 16 Oct 2021 09:35PM »
Well done Fiz - that's a great result  :thumbsup:
It is helpful to provide feedback to companies about their products and services, to the highest level if necessary.  I've been fortunate recently that the customer services departments have been very helpful when I reported a couple of faulty goods. I got vouchers for a replacement and they got information from me so they could check their processes to help ensure the problems didn't happen again.