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Title: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 14 Jan 2022 05:50AM
I have developed nasty symptoms of a chocolate biscuit, cake & cookie deficiency crisis.

1. I have no chocolate biscuits, cakes or cookies in my kitchen, only ghastly non-curative junk like vegetables, fish, pulses, nuts, grains etc.

2. I have a cough that would scare others in the supermarket.

3. Some horrible government adviser has accidentally told the BBC that if you have coronavirus symptoms, e.g. coughing (take your pick between continuous, persistent or whatever is this week's definition) you have to self-isolate for a week even if your lateral flow is negative and now you can't escape simply by getting a pcr to prove you messed up the lft.

How am I going to survive?  And if I don't, is there chocolate in the afterlife?

(And have I misread the rules?  Can I escape if I've no fever?)

Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 14 Jan 2022 06:19AM
The cough is easing after some cough mixture, but hasn't stopped.  But I think I'm right that the three times a day thing isn't necessary if you're coughing for over an hour.

To be briefly serious (gosh I must be unwell), I get very catarrhal at night because of a mould allergy, and usually have a couple of brief bouts of 'bring up the mucus' coughing in the morning (leaning over moist air whilst washing hair then having first hot drink).

So because I've been tossing and turning a lot on account of pain in my back and ribs, this could actually be simply my mould allergy worsened by the movement stirring up spores round my bed. 

And my lft's definitely negative.  It's not fair, why can't I be the sort of person that would ignore the rules and trust the lft?

Oh well, paracetamol for my back pain and a bottle of cough mix to park next to my bed.  Maybe I can get some sleep in the daytime.  Dreaming of choccy treats I shouldn't be eating anyway.  I weaned myself off them before then lapsed.  Maybe cold turkey will do the trick.  Or maybe I'll cave in and plead with the neighbours to help me.
Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 14 Jan 2022 01:38PM
Paracetamol + cough mix = sleep.

Awake, feeling just slightly tired, coughing without leaning over hot, moist air, trying to work out whether you report a negative lft if you have symptoms.  Yes, my pedantry's still functioning ok, and my humour's still dysfunctional as usual.
Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: Fiz on 14 Jan 2022 02:00PM
Sunny, a negative PCR + fully vaccinated = you don't need to self isolate so you can go on a chocolate hunt but I am passing you some in case you don't feel up to the trip 🍫🍫🍫🍰🧁🍫

I hope you feel better soon  :f_hug:
Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 14 Jan 2022 02:46PM
It was an lft, but I've just booked a pcr.  I was a bit confuddled because I thought the government had been saying you couldn't have pcrs if you'd got symptoms, you should just isolate, and that pcrs were for people who'd tested positive lft with no symptoms.  But that's back to front, isn't it?  Anyway, I phoned 119 and asked whether I report a negative lft result if I've got a cough and was told yes and given a pcr appointment.  I gather they want to do some other sort of test as well that involves stabbing me with something.  Or maybe I'm supposed to do it to myself.  If I hadn't phoned before seeing your post, I'd have been prompted to think of a pcr test.

And if it's positive, my main worry is that there's a neighbour that helps me with my garden and I always put a kettle, mug, teabag etc. and some choccy or biscuits  (and a bit of cash).  I was wondering how to get my neighbours to do it so I don't have to breathe germs all over the teabag. But that's not until Sunday.

So I shall take that virtual choccy with me to the pcr test.  Why didn't I get Fizchoc with my army rations?  I'd have been able to march much further.

Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: Fiz on 14 Jan 2022 03:55PM
Yep, if you have one of the 3 symptoms it's a PCR. There's a significant false negative and false positive LFT results hence until recently if you had no symptoms but tested positive on a LFT or if you had one of the 3 symptoms but tested negative on an LFT you used to have to do a PCR but that's changed.

The latest change is if you've tested positive on an LFT you can take that as positive and not do a PCR. The government justify ignoring the fact that people can test false positive by saying numbers are so high currently, more people will be genuinely positive.

Not long before that the change was you no longer qualify for a PCR test if you don't have symptoms. This stops people doing a PCR just because they've been in contact with a Covid positive person. This rule makes more sense to me as most people are vaccinated or have antibodies due to recent infection. I'm less impressed with the new rules on no PCR if the LFT was positive because there's a significant number of people isolating who don't actually have Covid.

So, as you have one of the 3 symptoms you should still have a PCR under the current rules. I know so many people with awful colds and coughs around the country who don't have Covid though so I am hoping yours is a non Covid type virus. More chocolate for you 🍫🍫🍫
Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 14 Jan 2022 04:12PM
I wonder whether, for me, it would make any practical difference having a positive pcr as opposed to simply assuming I'm positive and isolating anyway.  I'm wondering whether they ask who you've been in contact with.  "Well, um, the neighbour's cat got a bit close and there were some strangers in the supermarket, and I got quite close to the bus driver to drop my before-0930 pound in the slot but there was a screen...um, just tick the 'grey-haired lonely' box."

I suppose I'd better finish getting ready to go out.

Thank you for explaining stuff and cheering me up.

 :thumbsup: (hand was sanitised before giving thumbs up)
Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 14 Jan 2022 06:31PM
I'm PCR'd.  Now I'll await the results to see if I'm dead yet.
Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: Fiz on 14 Jan 2022 07:00PM
Well done. My results were super quick. Text message early the following morning. Such a relief to get a negative result. Hope you feel that relief tomorrow too.
Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 14 Jan 2022 07:22PM
Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 15 Jan 2022 12:41PM
I just received official confirmation from the NHS (or whichever profit-making company they've farmed the work out to) that I'm a hypochondriac.

It goes without saying that they've couched it in silly medical jargon "Your PCR test is negative."

Choccy biccies here we come!

(So why do I have a sudden yearning for fish, which I've got in the freezer anyway?)
Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: ditchdwellers on 15 Jan 2022 01:18PM
Do you have a penchant for any particular type of choccie biscuit,  Sunny?
I'm partial to a good old bourbon biscuit. Club biscuits are always welcome though,  as are those round chocolate covered, minty ones in the green foil wrapping with a biscuity base. I can't remember what they're called.
Oh blimey, now I fancy some  :f_laugh:

 :thumbsup: for the negative pcr test!
Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 15 Jan 2022 01:37PM
I like dark chocolate.

For years, I avoided biscuits, being more partial to the odd treat of a pain au chocolat or an apple turnover or cake, mostly nut-flavour, or a nut & chocolate bar.  But then early in 2020 something disastrous happened.  My valproate was reduced.  It used to badly distort my sense of taste, making mustard & ginger & mint taste horrid (I can't remember whether it's the TRPA1 receptors or the TRPV1 receptors it messes up).  Suddenly my toothpaste didn't taste horrid.  Curious, I bought some chocolate ginger biscuits and was hooked.  I particularly liked the Borders ones.

Then I ventured into other biscuits like double choc cookies.  Yummy, yummy.

One problem I've got is that I buy biscuits for my gardener.  Mostly individually wrapped.  I keep changing the sort of biscuit as I keep being tempted to eat them.  It was easy before the valproate was reduced - just buy mint flavour biscuits. Then it stopped working.  Last week, I bought a packet of what I think were Penguin brand chocolate cake logs (not sure precise name).  No, surely I wouldn't eat those.  After all, when I bought a tin of  biscuits at Christmas then started to go mad with them, I hastily took the rest of the tin round to a neighbour's house.  Nope, just hours before my three-hour coughing bout, I ate the whole lot.  Eight?  Ten?  Not sure.

Aargh, now I'm seriously tempted to buy some bourbons.  There were some in that biscuit tin.  Hmm, but some of the other biscuits were nice, too.

I've tried diverting myself into stuff like coleslaw before one day looking at a tub and being honest with myself about how much junk is in the stuff.  I convinced myself the fish I ate yesterday was healthy, but the batter was probably full of junk, too.  When I realised how much sugar there is in bananas, I wasn't happy.  Last year, I started eating a few raisins, then more, then more.  But they're fruit?  Best not look at the fructose content.

So I suppose a few biscuits is no worse.
Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: oldtone27 on 15 Jan 2022 02:03PM
I have to severely ration my intake of Very Chocolatey selections such a M&S or Tescos do. They have a varied assortment with a thick coating. Highly addictive.  :f_gift:
Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 15 Jan 2022 03:11PM
The ginger biscuits in the extremely chocolatey range are horribly moreish.  In my mind, I can see the whole display rack.  Shall I be able to go into M&S now without trying some different ones?

I tried to stop buying them, then found they do some sort of cookies just a bit further along the aisle that are chunky and munchy and sugary and...aargh.

My biggest problem is where I buy a packet and eat the whole lot in one go.
Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 15 Jan 2022 09:05PM
Armed with my negative pcr test result, I headed for the shops.  I now have an excess chocolate cookie in stomach crisis.

I've been trying to excuse it.  I have no excuse whatsoever.

I think my big problem came when I started buying packets of biscuits/cookies instead of a single pastry.  A single pain au chocolat isn't  healthy but is an awful lot better than a whole packet of biscuits/cookies.

I don't need a pcr test for pigging-out greediness.  I know I'm positive for it.
Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: Fiz on 16 Jan 2022 04:24AM

I'm very pleased your PCR was negative sunny. My gut feeling was it would be negative. The cough is no longer a prominent feature of the current strains especially initially, plus I know so many people struck down with lousy colds with all their symptoms. I'm sure it's loss of immunity due to our limited contact with people. I still haven't kicked my cold into touch though only 2 days into the course of antibiotics I decided I was going to live after all.

It's still early days but I am trying to focus on losing weight for health reasons and for the first time I am looking at my emotional reasons for wanting to eat certain foods. For me having mulled it over I crave certain tastes when I am struggling emotionally and have little pleasure in anything else. Therefore to think "mm this tastes nice" is a drive to feel pleasure and to relieve the distress of feeling so naff. But of course that pleasure of food is momentary and doesn't last so the urge is to eat more of what tastes nice which is why I tend not to eat just one. So I am attempting to "notice the craving" "acknowledge the motive" "realise it's an emotional drive" and not to respond to it and instead think what else might distract me or give me some enjoyment.

It's early days as we're not yet half way through January but I am having some success at not responding to emotional cravings. We're all different and will have different reasons for cravings and if I wasn't very overweight and needing to get weight off my spine I would happily eat what I fancy. But my health is suffering and I am not happy this size so I need to work at my response to food.

I am rubbish at being able to resist foods so tend not to have anything in the house that I have trouble resisting. I'm using the nutracheck app to track my daily calories and am finding that helpful.

But there's nothing wrong with biscuits if food or weight isn't a problem. I'm more of a savoury person so the things I crave tend to be crisps and bread rolls with cheese and butter! But haven't had any this year, or sourdough crackers with cheese, my other craving. I'm trying to eat keto to lose weight at the moment, it seems to be a successful method for people on steroids.

Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 16 Jan 2022 02:10PM
I lost well over two stone last year but now I've stalled.

You mention not having anything in the house you'd have trouble resisting.  What went wrong for me yesterday was bypassing that. 

I bought too many in the shop.  In the past, I've dealt with that by going to different shops to reset my snack/treat buying habit, which isn't very difficult in an urban area, but yesterday I felt tired.

I've also managed in the past to kick a food treat habit for a while by telling myself it's ok to spend the same on a non-food silly treat.

Then I started eating before I got home.  Daft.  Mind you, it involves juggling and ritual.  Reach residential road.  Sanitise hands, take off hearing aids and mask.  Put aids in specific pocket, hold mask by straps.  Take packet out of bag, zip up bag, put on shoulder.  Open top of packet.   Hold packet in left hand, juggle little sanitiser bottle with right hand to sanitise fingers.  Use ring & little fingers to put sanitiser bottle in specific pocket.  Use index finger & thumb to eat biscuit.  Middle finger acts as 'barrier' between sanitised fingers and ones sanitised but which last touched the outside of the bottle.

This is all annoying for two reasons.  Firstly, if I establish a ritual, it's hard to break it.  Secondly, I'd realised that my big get-home-and-eat thing (which could involve biscuits or anything) was triggered by that crash I get a bit after coming home and that a mug of coffee, half drunk before eating and sipped whilst eating, drastically curbed my appetite.  I believe that wanting sugar is generated by genuine sugar depletion, particularly with brain use from emotional exhaustion, so tackling the brain & body signals with caffeine is better than discipline.

As I'm typing all this, I realise that I have to find a way of conceptualising eating on the way home (which I only started to do late last year) as 'dirty'.  Or maybe 'embarassing'.  I'm thinking as I type - maybe 'dangerous because it might distract me so I might trip up or bump into someone'. 

Also, I need to rearrange my kitchen.  The other time I get triggered to eat biscuits is usually late evening or awake in night.  If I've any biscuits or similar, they mustn't be in line of sight where I first look.  But there need to be alternative munchables to lure me first.  I did have a phase of that.  Bowls of prepared snacks in line of sight of kitchen door.  Crunchy salad stuff and some nuts and seeds.

As for other foods instead of biscuits, my favourite I relapsed back into again and again over the years was toast and either hummus or cheese.  The trouble was I'd get into a habit of having both each day, two slices of toast each time.  That's actually a lot of calories, although for years I pretended to myself that it wasn't.  Finally, I looked at a hummus tub, then a bread bag. 

Obviously calories per slice depends on size and sort of bread, so let's average at 200 for two slices.  Then half a tub of hummus to go with it, which is 250 calories.  Total 450 calories.

Over time, the amount of cheese varied, but would be enough, I reckon, to bring me up easily to the same 450 calories.

So those two 'meals' added up to 900 calories, with no veg or fruit etc.  But mentally they were 'meals' so I excused myself eating 'snacks' in between.

Oh, how we kid ourselves.  I say me not meaning me plus another Oucher, I mean it as a general statement.  If it weren't pretty common, shops wouldn't sell things the way they do.  You buy a little packet or tub of something and they tell you calories per portion, then you realise if you look closely that what you're seeing as one item and therefore one portion, they are selling as three or four portions.

And I'd be lying if I said I didn't lie to myself about these things when I'm feeling greedy.

That being said, I've no tolerance for a certain sort of person I encounter elsewhere that I'll characterise as 'person who gets their dopamine kick out of sneering at others, including fat-shaming, calling people greedy for wanting more sugar or processed food, whilst being greedy for ever more 'sneering' dopamine kicks'.

Whereas here we can say how it is, swap ideas, whether it's about food or anything else, and play with ideas for moving forward.

Ok, my next tasks:-

1. Conceptualise eating on way home as 'dirty' and 'hazardous' and 'embarassing'.
2. Re-organise kitchen a little to put the healthier stuff more in line of sight (what happened to my fruit and salad bowls?)
3. Think of different 'treats' to buy.  For the same money, I could buy, dunno, little children's toys?  Small plants?  Magazines?
4. Keep my fingers crossed that Fiz can keep noticing and reducing her response to cravings/motives or whatever.

Last thought (for this post only, sorry) - the last time I had a big clear out of clutter, I conceptualised it as 'hoarding in my bin'.  I'm now going to go and play with ideas of how not eating biscuits or other sugary and/or highly-processed foods can satisfy the same urge as eating them.  Seriously.
Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: Fiz on 16 Jan 2022 06:46PM
Good thought process sunny and thank you for number 4, I need all the crossed fingers I can get.

If you like chocolate have you seen Pure Heavenly chocolate? They have a website and you can buy their chocolate bars on Amazon. Vegan, palm oil free and hardly any sugar. The 30g bars only have 126 calories in them. They actually got a full house of offers on Dragons den but turned them down after the show because the Dragon's t&c's wanted them to turn away from their ethical aims which are important to the family.

I'm probably helped by being brought up to believe eating outside while walking or talking is "common" - that was my (posh) Gran's firm belief and my mother didn't challenge those. I can't even remember eating an ice cream from a van! Though maybe I did and can't remember.

I've lost 4.5 lbs this year so far. I'd love to lose 2 stone or more this year. I'm in so much pain today, spine wise, I am sure it would help losing weight. As well as feeling better about myself.
Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 16 Jan 2022 07:04PM
I didn't deliberately lose weight, I just changed what I ate and it went well until in the run up to Christmas I went back on biscuits etc.

I'm not familiar with Pure Heavenly chocolate.  My usual chocolate before all this was a variety of brands but usually 90% or higher chocolate, maybe even 100%.  (Cocoa with no added sugar.)  If I went in a supermarket that didn't do 90% I settled for 85%.  (I'd usually, pre-pandemic, rotate between about 7 different major supermarket chains/brands plus a range of other shops, usually on the way to & from various activities and meetings.)

I've just tried looking at the Pure Heavenly site.  My brain can't cope with all those moving images and there's no way of making them stop still.  I tried clicking on particular bars but couldn't find any ingredients.  I got a glimpse of one that said it was forty something percent cocoa.  I've no idea what the rest is.

That's why for me this is all so surreal.  Normally, what I mentally register as biscuits & cakes don't attract me.  It's hidden high-carb and hidden sugar stuff I usually pig out on, like loads of bananas - well, they're fruit, aren't they?  So what if the poster on my kitchen wall says they're full of sugar?  Oops, caught myself out lying to myself about my sugar intake again. But surely those oatcakes are just sort of oaty crispbreads?  Oh, they've got oodles of calories in that tiny little packet?  Oh dear.

You've prompted me, though, to investigate what else is available as alternatives.  Mind you, I tried some biscuits that were sold as 40% less sugar, bought packets about three times, then looked on the ingredients list.  40% less is still a lot if 100% of sugar in 'normal' biscuits they've chosen to compare with is ridiculous, and not much consolation if I eat the whole packet.

Yes, that's my biggest problem.  The 'eat the whole packet' thing.  But as I say, you've prompted me to do more looking.
Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: Fiz on 16 Jan 2022 07:51PM
It might be an idea to differentiate between sugars. While 100 calories is always 100 calories whatever it consists of, not all sugars are equal. Some are low GI and don't spike blood sugar, followed by a "crash" and some like refined sugar are not only addictive but spike blood sugar's causing the liver to trigger insulin production to combat what the body sees as a damaging harmful product. While I do limit my fructose intake due to calorie control, I try not to eat any refined sugar at all. People who regularly eat refined sugar are likely to be addicted and stopping eating any will trigger withdrawal and cravings but this eases and most people stop craving for refined sugar after 2 weeks, almost everybody is clear of it after 3 weeks. Truvia is a calorie free alternative.

The sugar in Bananas isn't refined, not only that but it is slowly released into the blood stream giving energy over hours rather than minutes hence why it's eaten by tennis players during matches and marathon runners. The potassium in bananas is great too for health.

So maybe don't worry about sugar unless it's refined. Pure Heavenly is 2% sugar and is the only refined sugar I eat at home. When I mentioned pure Heavenly I was thinking it might be a healthier alternative to your chocolate biscuits rather than exchanging it for any chocolate, your 90% cocoa chocolate is fairly healthy with very low sugar so doesn't need swapping.
Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 16 Jan 2022 08:24PM
My big problem with the chocolate biscuits is that I buy them because they're symbolic, then when I start eating them, I lack the discipline to stop and eat the whole packet.  It's not the sugar that makes me buy them or want them, that's the xanthines and the taste of the chocolate and the texture.  Very difficult.

On the banana front, I did read (I can't remember where, but it was a source I trusted referring to research - I'm not asking others to believe it) that if you eat them when they're still quite green, your body finds it harder to get at the sugar.

I remember quite a set-to in a nursing home where Dad was towards the end of his life.  They objected to his eating his Lindt chocolate, saying it was because he was borderline diabetic, and told me to buy 'diabetic' chocolate from Boots.  I looked at it - it had higher levels of sugar than Dad's 90%, but not much cocoa so you'd need a lot for a xanthinne kick.

Meanwhile, they were giving him sugary mousse.  I looked at the label.  I told the manager he could eat three yummy chocolatey chunks of Lindt 90% every day for a week for just one pot of that revolting goo.

They started giving him cereal with lots of milk.  He didn't usually eat cereal or drink more than very small amounts of milk and they weren't giving him lactase tablets so he got diarrhoea.  (My gut's not happy either if I'm not very careful about what sort of cheese I buy.)  I pointed out acerbically that milk contains galactose, which is a mixture of lactose and glucose, so again loads and loads of glucose.  I said there was probably more glucose in a day's milk than relatives had in their emergency glucose tablets.

The whole thing is a nightmare of interwoven brain & body desires, urges etc.

I keep sugar in the house for visitors.  I have no urge whatsoever to put it in my coffee or cocoa (which I make with water).

I claim no consistency in this whatsoever.  I do know, though, that with biscuits & cake, it's the texture and the sense of a 'treat' or 'something you buy to comfort yourself' that tempts me and then the carefully-contrived, highly-processed mouthfeel plus the sense that I'm comforting myself with a 'treat' that makes me eat the rest, plus an obsession with 'complete set'. 

I stress I don't say this by way of excuse, although I also say I don't think I have more bad habits than most people, just that we each have different ones.
Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 17 Jan 2022 12:00AM
This has really set me thinking.

I wandered in and out of the kitchen this evening wanting something but not sure what.  I had a Linda McCartney pie.  I had some nuts.  I kept opening cupboard doors and the fridge door.  What did I want?

I thought I wanted maybe biscuits, but did I really?

I've some cup a soup I bought on a friend's recommendation but that doesn't actually satisfy me.

I ate half a ryvita.  Did it make me feel better?  Well, sort of but not really.  I thought of things like oatcakes - I stopped buying those when I realised what they'd actually got in them.

Then I remembered I'd got instant porridge.  Not eaten for ages.  It's probably a couple of years or more since I bought it but it's still ok to eat.  Did I want sweetener?  I've got some stevia.  I've got the sugar I keep for visitors but didn't actually want it.

I made some porridge and ate it without sweetener.  The lack of sugar didn't spoil the satisfaction feeling.  I thought how I don't usually put sugar in my cocoa.  That doesn't spoil it.

So it's not the sugar per se, it's the sort of things that have sugar in them.  I hadn't realised that.  On the other hand, I do think that carbs attract me.  But how much is texture?  More experimentation needed.

Thank you, Fiz, for throwing out thoughts/ideas on this.

Meanwhile, something I meant to respond to - savoury - I used to like mayonnaise on stuff. Well, I still do, it's just that if I buy it I absolutely slather what I'm eating with it.  I got to the point where I'd also have it, spread thicker and thicker, on toast, ryvita etc.  Then I started eating it by the spoonful out of the jar.

I reckon that a lot of that was the texture, the mouthfeel.  But you've prompted me to wonder whether something mainly acidic in taste but without all the other stuff in commercial mayonnaise would tempt me.  I like my battered fish coated in loads of vinegar. 

An attempt that went wrong - I tried buying tartare sauce in the hopes that I'd just want it on fish in moderate quantity.  Nope, I started slathering it thickly on ryvita etc.  I didn't reach spoon from jar stage before stopping buying it.

Trying to find food that feels satisfying but  not too moreish isn't easy, is it?

Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: ditchdwellers on 17 Jan 2022 12:14AM
I try making up a batch of sugar free jelly with some fruit in put into small POTs in an attempt to satisfy my sweet cravings.  It doesn't always work! Other than that, I just stick to having Rich Tea biscuits at home and it's impossible to eat a whole packet of those in one sitting. Hobnobs will disappear instantly in front of me!
Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 17 Jan 2022 04:13AM
I struggle to believe that there's any sort of biscuit I couldn't eat a whole packet of in one sitting.  It has to be a whole tin to defeat me.

That being said, I wonder whether there is actually a biscuit like that.  Hmm, worth thinkng about.

I had some cup a soup about an hour ago (it's the middle of the night) and that worked as a nighttime snack.  I coupled it with tackling my 'lie awake in bed' problem, where I tried handwriting draft letters that I can type up later. 

I came down now to delete some puzzles from my computer.  Better self-discipline at night.

Tomorrow, maybe a call to my GP to request some sleeping tablets.

Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: Fiz on 17 Jan 2022 06:55AM
There's a theory that has credence IMO is that breast milk is biologically designed to satiate and comfort and is two thirds fat and a third sugar ish and that we spend the rest of our lives being comforted by foods that are two thirds fat and a third sugar ish, cakes, biscuits, etc

I'm comforted by taste but also crunching and chewing so soup does nothing for me. A bread roll with butter and cheese is a different matter!

It sounds like you were exploring cupboards for foods not because you were hungry but because you were bored or anxious?
Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 17 Jan 2022 02:42PM
Not quite bored or anxious, more just sleepless and sort of "There's something missing", but it's on the same spectrum.

Usually, there's some sort of snack I'm in the habit of eating.  When I mess around with my diet, that sort of bewilders my brain.

Maybe a year and a half ago, whilst trying to put my finger on what the difference was between periods in my life when I've put on fat and periods when I've lost it, parking on one side issues like medication, the key difference is that those periods in my life when I've either lost fat or stayed steady, I had what I'll call a daily habit diet not a meal diet, but not a calorie-counted diet.

So then I'd wander into the kitchen vaguely thinking "What am I going to eat?" I'd look around.  "Have I eaten my such-and-such today?"

That makes it very difficult to plan a diet, and the best go I've had where I've deliberately lost weight was when I put loads of little dishes of snacky stuff on the counter each day.  E.g. some nuts & seeds, some veg chopped into single mouthful chunks, some fruit, probably still in its peel, some fish chopped etc.

Planning in terms of 'meals' would be unlikely to work because it's not how I've spent most of my life eating.  Much of my early adulthood was based round eat when I could, grabbing something in between activities.

So it's finding better 'snacks'. 

Actually, last year's weight loss was particularly, I believe, related to eating supermarket fake-salads.  Pasta + fish + token veg + sauce.  But one shop does one with actually a lot of salad.  They've probably decided it works out cheaper to put less fish and more lettuce.  I've noticed recently that there's less pasta and more carrot.  I reached the point of buying extra lettuce as well.  But it only works if they've got quite a few tubs in stock, because it's a bit of a trek so I want to stock up.

This is all also prompting thoughts on my part about differences between what I want to eat at different times of day.  I remembered last night how when I was a child, what we called a 'hot supper' was bread with salt & pepper.  (I.e. play on words, 'hot' implies cooked meal but is actually the pepper.)

Oh well, today's belated breakfast (at past midday because I didn't get to sleep until after five) was battered fish and coffee.

I don't feel hungry now.
Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: KizzyKazaer on 17 Jan 2022 04:22PM
I have to severely ration my intake of Very Chocolatey selections such a M&S or Tescos do. They have a varied assortment with a thick coating. Highly addictive.  :f_gift:

Oh yes!  I normally only partake of those at Christmas...Dad and I can demolish a box between us and then we look at each other and say, "Shall we buy another box for the New Year?"  :f_biggrin:

My biggest problem is where I buy a packet and eat the whole lot in one go.

Have actually done that with ginger biscuits - not covered in chocolate.  Even though it was decades ago, I remember how horribly sick I felt and how it put me off ginger of any kind for years  :f_yikes:

You're better off with the dark chocolate, Sunny - if it's 85% cocoa it's apparently very good for mind as well as body, so I've read only recently... 
Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: lankou on 18 Jan 2022 01:22PM
Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 18 Jan 2022 02:18PM
Oi, Lankou, stop making me drool! 

Actually, you've had an effect you probably didn't intend but I don't think you'll object to it.  You see, I like doing online jigsaws, including ones with pictures I get if I search for 'tea' 'coffee' 'kitchen' 'cafĂ©' etc.  Your picture looks like some of them.

So what?  Well, I wonder - and it's a long shot - whether focussing on appearance of what I eat would make a difference.  E.g. choccy biccies - would I eat fewer if I came up with a tray and a layout with lots of fancy stuff to make them the focus?  Yes, it's weird, but I wonder whether a little time spent in charity shops buying some fancy little bowls, plates, napkins or whatever and turning my food treat into a 'picture' would make me get less pleasure out of more chocolate or biscuits or cake or whatever.

After all, the chocolate is for me mainly a social symbol of treat/comfort anyway, plus a deeply-embedded sense that xanthines help, but even then, that's just symbolic.

Are you trying to kill off my chocolate addiction, mon ankou?
Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: lankou on 18 Jan 2022 02:43PM

Are you trying to kill off my chocolate addiction, mon ankou?

Since last March, after my wife and I were given some  counselling by a specialist nurse. Basically and bluntly I was given Hobsons's Choice, "volunteer" for a particular treatment or die.
I volunteered, I haven't died, (yet) however I have apparently got remarkable results. After my recent "fill this." "What from here?" and an armful of blood tests. The nurse rang me up with the latest results. (I have lost 19 kilos of weight since last March and my blood sugar reading has dropped from 84 to 37.)
However with the once a week self inflicted injection, if I tried anything in that picture I would be sat on the bog holding a bucket.
Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 18 Jan 2022 04:06PM
Congratulations on the weight loss (if it's what you were wanting - I hope I haven't misunderstood whether that's excess weight).

I still think that the visuals of it, whether tempting or off-putting are something I'm going to try to use.
Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: lankou on 18 Jan 2022 04:11PM
Congratulations on the weight loss (if it's what you were wanting - I hope I haven't misunderstood whether that's excess weight).

I still think that the visuals of it, whether tempting or off-putting are something I'm going to try to use.

It was excess weight due to prescription steroids for asthma 55 years ago.
Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 18 Jan 2022 08:08PM

Meanwhile, I just walked to the pharmacy and back, stopping off for some groceries.  I kept looking at biscuit and cookie packets.  Nope, too much sugar, too many ingredients (= highly processed) but succumbed to one of those paper bags of cookies they sell with the 'freshly baked' (i.e. warmed-up) bread.  It doesn't shout the number of calories.

Then I got home, had a couple, ate something a bit healthier, but oh, dear, ate the rest.

At least I can be honest with myself and say that flavour was a factor, but I don't think it's specifically sugar. 

As I type this, I'm remembering that I've been known to attack bananas, raspberries, oranges etc. this way.  Maybe it's sugar but I'm not conceptualising it that way.

I know myself well enough to know that discipline won't fix it for me.  It has to be diversion onto other things and also mapping 'packet of cookies' onto 'yuck, how long have those been in the system and just what on earth have they got in them?'

At least I didn't eat them until I got home.

Sudden thought - Fiz's suggestion of a particular chocolate makes me think mentally of the displays of chocolate and sweets in shops with individual bars.  I wonder what comes in small, individual bars that would make me feel pampered with just a little?

Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: ditchdwellers on 19 Jan 2022 11:20AM
I went through a phase of buying of buying packs of small, individually wrapped chocolate bars from Lidl. I really like Lidl chocolate. The small bars were just enough to feel like I had a treat and satisfy a craving.
Likewise, they do lovely small chocolate coated ice creams on a stick. Perfect for finishing off a meal if I fancy something sweet.

To be perfectly honest, I seem to be lacking any self control when it comes to things like chocolate, ice cream, or biscuits. I could just as easily eat a large bar of chocolate as a small one, or a tub of ice cream compared to an individual wrapped lolly.

My portion control with savoury dishes is pretty good, apart from cheese straws, but that disappears out of the window when sweet things are around.
Title: Re: Chocolate deficiency crisis!
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 19 Jan 2022 03:10PM
This morning, I did my vague, wander round the kitchen and wondered what I actually wanted.  There was part of a 'protein' bar, i.e. a 'sugar and junk' bar with a token amount of protein.  I ate a bit.  It wasn't actually very satisfying and I was aware that I hadn't really expected it to be. So why had I eaten it?

Convenience.  The greed was as much for 'now, now, now' as for chocolate.

I thought of what else I buy that I'm 'gobble it now' with.  I've done the same with jars of peanut butter, jars of mayonnaise.  Yup, 'now' is the biggest driver.

Also, I'd bought some of those 'salads' that consist of a bit of tuna, some pasta, some lettuce and whatever else they fancy.  It used to be more sweetcorn and now it's cucumber and carrot.  I'd also bought a can of tuna and some lettuce.  I mixed it all up and willingly focussed primarily on munching the lettuce.

I've been finding I quite like lettuce but it doesn't say "eat me now".  But I didn't grow up eating lettuce.  I didn't even know what it tasted like until less than two years ago.  How do I embed the mental association between 'lettuce' and 'nice to snack on' in my brain?  It has to be possible.

This all has to be possible to deal with.

PS.  Does anyone know where one gets this 'self control' stuff?  I can't find it on ebay.  Do I have to make it myself?  (Yes, my humour gets pretty dire when I'm feeling guilty.)