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Title: Care needs assessment
Post by: Fiz on 24 Mar 2021 05:25PM
Struggling with extreme fatigue due to the adrenal insufficiency including several 24-72 hour periods of low cortisol induced hypersomnia plus pain as I have had to stop my opioids causing inability to complete tasks I phoned Adult Services in November and requested an urgent care needs assessment. I can go days when I am unable to sit up let alone get up from my bed and on those days I don't eat or drink. Everytime I have had a run of totally incapacitated days I have phoned Adult Services to find out what is happening with my assessment. Each time a call handler answering the phone while working from home enters a memo "on the system" that goes electronically to the assessment team stating that I am chasing up the assessment and stating the assessment is needed urgently. They take notes on what I am unable to do and what help I require.

Finally yesterday I am phoned by a man who tells me he is the duty manager and that my allocated social worker will phone me today to do my care needs assessment over the phone. Once off the phone I Google the phone number that he called me from and it says that it is the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Team and I wonder if I am having the right kind of assessment or why I am dealing with them when my needs are due to physical conditions. I'm concerned by this stage but am left to await my assessment today. 

Sure enough the (lovely) social worker phones and the hub who read my original request for an assessment in November read my previous entries which were mental health related and referred me to the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Care Team who have no turn around time for assessments so my case has been in a "duty pile" for over four months before finally being picked up. The social worker said that reading all the various entries the working from home call handlers had written she felt sure that it wasn't them I needed and it should have gone to Adult Health and Social Care. I really don't know what more I could have done except for my repeated calls when well enough to phone as it wasn't until yesterday that I had any incling that it might have gone to the wrong team! 

She said that she would complete the assessment and speak to her manager in the hope that her assessment would suffice and be passed to Adult Health and Social Care and hope they don't need to repeat the assessment or do a different one. She said there's a possibility her team might take responsibility for the mistake and deal with it themselves despite it not being their field. Sounded like that was an outside possibility. 

That took an hour and left me exhausted. I just hope that I don't have to do a whole new assessment and that something gets actioned soon as sometimes I am very poorly to the extent of being semi conscious and have no one to call on or support network. 

Ho hum! We'll call my attempt at an urgent care needs assessment a fail so far then! It's really not good. I'm feeling a tad frustrated but also that I have been "labelled" due to past mental illness and pushed that way by someone who didn't read my request for assessment and jumped to conclusions and stigma and preconceived ideas played a role. My physical health is the sole problem here.  :f_doh:
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 24 Mar 2021 09:04PM

I wish you lived where I do, because I'd have alternative ideas for putting pressure on the powers that be via local community groups that seem to be have more of a sense of community and empowerment thanks to the pandemic. 

What gets me about all this is that I can see how it happens with financial cuts and every team/department/organisation desperately playing pass-the-parcel, but whose budget do they think it'll come off if you get worse?

One of the most uplifting things anyone has said to me in the last year wasn't a solution to this, just a fellow-feeling.  I was with other members of my local community, chatting in an open-space (2m apart!) and I said about when I was going through menopause a few years back and despite my GP's frustration over it, both the gynaecologists and psychiatrists wrote off PMT problems as simply part of being bipolar.  A neighbour with severe physical impairments looked weary and said "Yes, you're not allowed to have more than one condition, are you?"

I think healthwise it's down to contracting out services and 'pathways'.  Once upon a time, if you went to a hospital, it was like seeing a GP.  The clinics would do their best to network together.   Now what happens is one team sees you and refers you back and your GP refers you to a different team etc.  Loads more work for the GP, health-damaging stress for the patient and a waste of money.

But please don't give up, lovely Fiz.  Fight for your entitlements.

Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Fiz on 26 Mar 2021 10:15AM
I still haven't heard back from them and yesterday was another day when I was unable to get up and go downstairs so didn't eat or drink. I booked an online food delivery for today then cancelled it as I wasn't sure if I would be able to get up and open the door. But I am up today and hope to eat before going back to bed pretty soon as I am exhausted. The care act amendments for Covid ended yesterday meaning local authorities can no longer postpone care needs assessments and provision of care due to the pandemic. I'm unsure if there is a turn around time for assessments from the date of request though so who knows whether it's delayed or not?!
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 26 Mar 2021 01:04PM
If nothing else, it may take a bit of time for someone to juggle the budgets.  "Look, we've got to go back to doing these assessment things so we need more money.   Will you hurry up and stop arguing between departments over who's going to give it to us?"

I feel so frustrated you don't live near me so I can't either help or connect you with someone from our community help network.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Fiz on 31 Mar 2021 10:54AM
Having not heard anything from the Social Worker I had emailed and she answered this morning saying that her team manager has said it will be handed back to the physical disabilities team but the team manager is going to do that and has been on leave since that discussion and returns tomorrow so the social worker will speak to them tomorrow and will update me on the handover after that. Hopefully I won't have to queue again to be assessed by the physical disabilities team. I have managed to get up yesterday to feed myself and today to fetch drinks but otherwise have been in bed. I'm feeling so unwell currently, I may be pushing my adrenals a bit hard currently, I certainly won't be reducing steroids further until I stabilise and function.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Sunshine Meadows on 01 Apr 2021 11:13AM

 I hope the assessment gets sorted out soon and you get the help you need. In the meantime am worried about how you are able to cope physically. To give you some context when Mr Sunshine fell down the attic stairs, broke a dislocated his ankle we had an emergency assessment done and were town to use our PIP to get help. Our situation was temporary and we got through it however at the time I was desperately upset and waiting months to have a unhelpful outcome. Right now would it help you to get a worker from a care agency to come to your house for a couple of hours and set you up with food, water, tea coffee a kettle and medication in your bedroom and downstairs near the sofa?  

I dont really know what care people are entitled to, it does seem to me like the focus is on gadgets and hand rails etc. The time when my Mum who was severely disabled who had a home help who cooked and cleaned are long gone - they should bring that service back after all it kept people out of care homes.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: ditchdwellers on 01 Apr 2021 12:47PM
I'm so sorry you're being pushed from one service to another at the moment. Hopefully you will be assessed soon.
In the meantime, would it be possible to have a lightweight jug of water beside the bed and a glass or mug so that you get a drink? It could be filled from the bathroom or topped up from a bottle. If you are worried about the water getting dusty, you could cover it with a cloth or tea towel. 
How about a box of individually wrapped flapjack or cereal bars if your diet allows by the bed, which could provide you some energy? 

I realise this involves having to shop or cook, which you certainly don't sound like you're up to presently. The sooner this assessment happens the better. 

To answer Sunshines query about what a PA can do, providing it's written in your care plan,  they can take you shopping, to the cinema, cook, light housework, laundry, change the bed, go to medical appointments with you, assist with paperwork etc. My PAs have done all of these things and more for me. The key is making sure that your care plan is flexible and will accommodate a broad range of activities and allow for fluctuating conditions (if yours does).
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 01 Apr 2021 09:34PM
Playing with ideas, and I may be barking up the wrong tree, but would there be any possibility of getting this seen instead as a 'health' issue not a 'disability' issue & therefore try for some sort of personal health budget?  I don't know what's available these days, but maybe worth seeing if anyone knows if PHBs are still available and if so if you can realistically get one.

The other thing, again a long shot, and just a stop-gap, is that where I am there's been a flurry of community activity in the pandemic with people encouraged to help others and I wonder whether at a very basic level there might be a volunteer who might do a little even if it's not much.  Not the same as the level of proper caregiving but I'm seeing it as like bunging a couple of field dressings on a soldier's wounds whilst you sort out transport to a field hospital.

Oh dear, Fiz, we obviously haven't disagreed on enough things over the years, since I feel upset to think you're going through this.  My feelings won't fix it for you, but I want you to know that it's not that no one out there cares.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Fiz on 02 Apr 2021 12:34PM
I do have a 1.5 litre bottle of Volvic touch of fruit sugar free water by my bed but if I have a run of bad days in a row that does run out and then I am stuffed. When I used to have a bad patch if I had a better day I would know that I had turned a corner and things were on the up but now I can be slightly better one day, be able to get downstairs for an hour and eat a meal and the next day I am floored again and am bed bound. It's the completely not knowing what tomorrow will be like that's so difficult. I am actually throwing food away for the first time in my life because I haven't been able to get downstairs to it or able to eat it before past its use by date. 

I really want to employ someone (with direct payments) who is DBS checked. I'm finding it hard trusting people with my home and me if I don't know them from Adam. I have just booked a cleaning company to come next week for 3 hours work then 2 hours fortnightly ongoing because I am just unable to care for this house. I feel totally embarrassed that I will have a cleaner but don't work! It's something that my unofficial foster Mum has urged me to do though for years and I have been putting it off. 

I have to pay people to do every little thing that needs doing and I hope that all of these costs will be taken into account when they decide whether I pay all or some of my care costs. For example being cold can bring on an adrenal crisis because I burn cortisol keeping warm so my heating bill is significantly higher than before I developed adrenal insufficiency and I hope that is taken into account when they decide how much I pay. Plus I can't cook presently and ready meals and prepared veg are an expensive way to live so my grocery bill is shockingly high now. I worry that if they say that my PIP needs to pay for my care then other things that I pay for because I am too unwell to do them or need things for my health then these other things will have to go. Will I be left with no petrol money and be unable to visit my children? Part of me fears if they bill me highly, losing the other things my PIP already pays for will be too high a loss for me and I will turn down what I am assessed as needing and I will be left in bed dehydrated and very ill for days at a time ongoing! 

As said, the days when they helped you maintain your home are long gone. You have to live as Miss Havisham now. Looking at it the Conservative way, why should other people pay for my home to be clean? So the assessment may see that as unecessary expenditure who knows. 

I used to work in care management but was in a hospital discharge team and we'd issue and fund a 6 week package of care to ensure a swift discharge leaving community teams to do the financial assessments and I have no idea of what care was provided after the six weeks plus austerity has landed since my working days and I am sure people have far less care than they used to. Even in my working days we only arranged personal and nutritional care plus sometimes for the rehab/physio teams to visit to improve mobility or confidence.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: ditchdwellers on 03 Apr 2021 11:34AM
I have a weekly cleaner for 2hrs too! Dismiss from your mind immediately that it is somehow shameful to employ someone to clean your home.. Professional cleaners take great pride in their work and believe me when I say most of them would have been confronted with conditions far worse than yours. There's no need to feel guilty. 

When it came down to my financial assessment, I included increased heating costs due to dysautonomia, wound dressings, incontinence pants, travel costs for hospital etc,. I'm sure you could include prepared food and ready meals in with that too. Wheelchair servicing and maintenance would also come into this. I can't think of anything else at the moment. Hope that helps!
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Fiz on 06 Apr 2021 12:28PM
That definitely does help DD thank you. There's so much that I have to pay to get done because I can't do it myself. I will definitely need to write a list before the financial assessment.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Fiz on 20 Apr 2021 08:46AM
My adrenal insufficiency has resolved! Currently I am experiencing steroid withdrawal symptoms which overlap with low cortisol symptoms so I am not feeling great but I am better than I was and I haven't been bedbound or had hypersomnia for a few weeks. I am thinking that all being well I may not now need help with nutrition and personal care after all of this. 

Looking back at how incapacitated and unwell I have been and the fact that I reached out and asked for help with my care in November and five months on nothing has been actioned shocks me. That people are just left, bedbound, and unable to care for themselves just horrifies me. 

So despite (hopefully) not needing help now I felt that I should officially complain in the hope that things will be changed for other people and other people will get the help they need and won't be left like I have been. 

On Sunday I emailed adult services complaints to complain. Yesterday late afternoon I had an email response saying my complaint/feedback has been passed on to the mental health team. Why the mental health team? Because the case had mistakenly been passed onto them rather than the physical disabilities team and they should have noticed the mistake sooner or dealt with it sooner? I get the feeling that my complaint is already not being taken seriously? 

Who should I be complaining to if I want this taken seriously? It would be nice to get an apology but my aim is to prevent this happening to someone else.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: ditchdwellers on 21 Apr 2021 05:49PM
I think it's time for more drastic action. When I was having issues with social services and felt like I wasn't getting anywhere with complaining, I contacted my local MP.  She was brilliant and I soon got access to the services I knew I was entitled to. 

I'm so pleased that you're feeling a lot better and completely agree that a complaint is in order. Councils tend to pay attention when an MP contacts them, whereas they feel they ignore the rest of us completely. Go for it!
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Fiz on 22 Apr 2021 08:24AM
I think you're right DD. Today I plan to write to my MP he's the only MP who refuses to use emails so it will have to be pen and paper and go out and post it but today feels like one of my better days so I think I can manage that today. The cleaners are here for an hour this morning so I shall use that hour to get that done. Hopefully they will take less than 20 working days to respond to an MP but most importantly make sure they don't leave anyone else bedbound unable to access food or water for five months without responding.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: oldtone27 on 22 Apr 2021 09:23AM
I agree with DD. Remember you are dealing with bureaucracies which tend to want to avoid action. As an ordinary member of the public your letter/email will be dealt with firstly by someone at the bottom of the pecking order. They may pass it up the management line but each step introduces a delay. Eventually it might reach someone who can deal with but by then its a rather old complaint so can be dismissed as out of date or no longer relevant. :thumbsdown:

By contrast your MP's letter will go to near the top of the pecking order and is likely to be marked, 'deal with this and let me know result'. It then progresses down the pecking order and is actioned. :thumbsup:

Successful outcome not guaranteed but attention is.  :f_erm:
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Fiz on 23 Apr 2021 03:05PM
I managed to get a letter off to my MP. He'll read it on Monday. It absolutely exhausted me composing and writing it and getting it off. It's times like this that I realise how little I am able to do. Still, it's sent. Hopefully it will change things for others, I think social care in the community is on the brink of collapse.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: ditchdwellers on 27 Apr 2021 12:49PM
Please update us when you get a reply, Fiz.
I know how much energy, both physical and emotional, it takes to write these sort of letters so well done for doing it.  :heart:
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Fiz on 04 May 2021 04:44PM
My MP's response arrived today. I'm unsure if he took in what I had written in my letter because I said that my adrenal insufficiency has improved and I am hopeful that I won't need help at home now but that I was concerned about the lack of response or offer of care in five months and want to ensure that it won't happen to others in need of urgent care and yet he says in his letter to the Director of Adult Services that he hopes his contacting them will get things on a practical footing and lead to a positive outcome. His sentence to me says he's sorry to hear of this disappointing situation and he will ensure the reply from the Director of Adult Services is sent to me as soon as he receives it. 

Hopefully the Director of Adult Services will fully take on board what I was saying when he reads my letter and change the referral system so people are assessed quickly and not neglected. It would probably be too much to ask for an apology for the distress that I have been through being so alone and so unwell. As I said that "I hopefully" won't need help at home now, it would be good practice for Adult Services to phone me and check whether I am okay before closing my request for assessment because as far as they're concerned until hearing from the MP I am still waiting for care five and a half months on from requesting it. 

Maybe it's a ploy to cut back on their budget. Just don't respond to requests for care assessments?
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: ditchdwellers on 05 May 2021 01:10PM
That's a hopeful response from your MP,  Fiz . It will be interesting to see how Social Services act following this.  I'm sure for every complaint that is made, there are innumerable people who havè received similar treatment but are not in a position to actually make a formal complaint. 
I feel it is part of my responsibility to hold people to account for their poor services and complain like the grumpy, middle aged, old bag that I am! However, sometimes I'm too unwell to do this, and I always hope there's someone around who can fight my corner for me. 
:big_hugs:  :big_hugs:  :big_hugs: to all fellow complainers,  and if anyone needs help with writing a letter of complaint please let me know and I'll do my best to help or signpost you to an organisation who can assist. Take care, my fellow Ouchers  :heart:
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Fiz on 06 May 2021 03:50PM
My doorbell went at 9.15am today. I had collected my doorbell receiver from the kitchen where it charges overnight so could let the caller know I was on my way and put my dressing gown on and went down to the front door. A lady in gown, gloves and mask was there saying she'd come to provide me with my daily 30 minutes of personal care! Nice to know they were coming! Something tells me the MPs letter has triggered a response! I was so shocked to see her and so unprepared that I turned her down today asking her to tell her office to phone me. I needed time to consider whether I can manage alone now or do I still need help. 

Yesterday I had real deep extreme fatigue and had to go back to bed by lunchtime as I couldn't sit up as I didn't have the energy. That's the first day in a while that I have been incapacitated but it was enough to give me caution and not turn away care without thinking it through. My CPN came this morning and also thinks that having waited so long for this care that I should accept it and see how I go. She thought I could think of other things they could do in the 30 minutes if I don't feel able to shower that day such as lunch prep but I am unsure more than personal care is on offer. 

I got a call from the Mental Health and Substance Misuse Team social worker about the care this afternoon, she had assumed the reablement team would phone and make an appointment with me rather than just turn up. This social worker told me a few weeks back that my request for care had gone to her team by mistake and should have gone to the physical disabilities team and that her manager had told her to send the phone assessment results through to the physical disabilities team for them to action. I'd heard nothing since and as she's phoned me and still clearly holds my case it appears it never got sent to the physical disabilities team at all hence zilch response. 

My letter to the MP appears to have brought an unannounced carer to my door but my hope is that the five and a half month wait for care will be investigated so that it doesn't happen to somebody else. I actually had to reach a point in wellness/health to be able to advocate/action my request for help to the highest level needed to get a result but reaching that point of wellness means the help is no longer crucial. Sometimes I wish I had a family member to fight my corner for me when needed! 

Ho hum. So I have a carer coming tomorrow morning.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Fiz on 11 May 2021 01:40PM
Well the ladies are lovely and have helped but not in the way intended. The reablement team have organised two weeks of 30 minutes of care each morning but they work 7am-11am and can't guarantee what time and they have arrived after 10.40am by which time my energy has disappeared as it's run out by then. 

Saturday I actually woke feeling well enough to shower and stupidly waited for the carer but by 9am was beginning to flag and started to have doubts as to whether I would manage it and at 10.50am when the carer arrived it was a definite no. But they bring me a hot drink which I literally have not had the energy to make for myself for months, bring me morning medication so I am actually taking my BD meds twice a day and Saturday the carer put clean sheets on my bed which felt amazing. They're coming too late for me really for personal care as fatigue is my issue but I understand that a reablement team don't work to the same schedules as they provide two weeks care post discharge. The carers have all thought I have just left hospital rather than someone received a letter from the MP and that's why they're here!

This morning an OT assistant came to assess my ongoing need which she doesn't believe that I need because the reablement carers agency have told her that I have turned down or haven't needed personal care. I did state the timing is wrong for me but she seemed unable to understand fatigue at all. She lacked empathy in its entirety. She said that they only offer help with personal care, they don't offer meal prepping, they expect you to pay for meals on wheels. But that's only one meal, it seems they don't offer any help with other food or preparation or washing up. If a carer is here for personal care they can prompt with medication but otherwise it's just personal care. 

I have no idea what the financial assessment will look like, I need to write notes from Sunny's suggestions as they were good. Partly I'm thinking help 2 or 3 times a week would be enough but what if they're my okay days and other says are worse? Ho hum. I'm about to spend a lot of money on a powerchair so depending on what their assessment says my contribution is, help may not be possible for a while anyway but we'll see. The carer didn't turn up today and I haven't found the energy to make a hot drink. The agency did phone me at 11.15am to tell me there'd been an emergency which had held up the carer.  

I did text a friend who has just started having carers after a hospital discharge as I was wondering how anyone arranges to see people or do things if the carers can arrive anytime during a whole morning and she did say that it sometimes feels their existence runs your life. I hadn't really been aware of this negative impact. But they have been nice ladies and have helped.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: ditchdwellers on 12 May 2021 11:04AM
The only thing I can suggest is to request a personal budget/direct payments so that you can employ a carer/PA of your choice to assist you with tasks that would be helpful for you at the times that you need it.

My PA does all sorts of things for me, including changing the bed, filling up my bird feeders (I spend a lot of time watching the birds from my armchair!), helping clean out the kitchen cupboards, cleaning the fridge, dropping off parcels at the post office,  taking me to hospital appointments and shopping, and anything else I need help with! Making decent tea was one of the most important employability criteria   :f_laugh:

I use a recruitment agency and payroll service that specialises in assisting people on direct payments and they have a contract with the county council to deliver this service. It relieves the pressure of being an employer as they deal with the all the pension issues etc. You just have to have a separate bank account to receive funds from the council and make payments by direct debit and standing order from there.  You remain responsible for the payment of your PAs wages either by cheque or direct transfer. There is a complete banking service available with my provider that does absolutely everything, however it is quite expensive and would reduce how much of my budget I had to spend on time with my PA. 

If Social Services continue to be awkward, perhaps a follow up letter to your MP might be in order. I think they need to be made aware of the complete lack of communication that occurred and the failure, yet again, to understand your needs. 
Any right minded person would be appalled by the treatment you have received (or I should more accurately say lack of treatment). 
Hang in there Fiz, and try not to worry too much about the financial assessment. 

Sending you gentle hugs.  :big_hugs:
I wish I had some extra energy to send your way, but I over did it yesterday and I I'm paying for the consequences today!
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Fiz on 13 May 2021 03:23PM
The FAB (financial and benefits) phone assessment is 7th June. They've sent an email saying what paperwork that I need to have to hand however it's a zip attachment that my phone won't open and I don't have a computer. The email states an URL which gives guidance on how to open the security file which implies they anticipate people have problems. I'm not sure how a list of the required documents to have to hand for a financial assessment is top security as it says nothing about me. 

I've been very emotional the last few weeks. Sometimes just the thought of how ill I am feeling, the deep fatigue, just sets the tears off. I try not to follow that thought, and distract myself to turn the tears off but underneath the surface I feel like I am on the edge and it doesn't take much before I cry.

I have no idea why but the stress of the care and all that comes with this, a good chunk of which is the financial assessment but it's not just that, feels totally overwhelming and undoable. I'm not coping emotionally with how unwell I am right now and all this feels too much. Part of me thinks that I am better off on my own, I have been able to fetch myself water every day for weeks now so I am no longer dehydrated so can manage.

I've had two morphine doses today and the carer arrived at 11am, too late to help with breakfast but that's okay. I'm going to try to force myself into the shower tomorrow morning but it may be before they arrive.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Fiz on 13 May 2021 06:27PM
I received a telephone call from the Manager of the Mental Health and Substance Misuse Team who is handling the complaint from my MP. She said that she's reviewed my notes and that my complaint is entirely justified and she apologised fully and will put that in writing. She wanted to tell me the changes to procedure that she has made in the light of me highlighting their failings. Now when 'duty' receive a referral from CART?KART? who took my call in November, the first thing the duty team will do is phone you to clarify what your need is (bit confused about this point as I said in my calls what my needs were and what the problems were but I guess people might not have understood and noted what I was saying clearly) and take immediate action if necessary. In my case that would mean that as soon as I had been telephoned they would have realised that I needed care at home and the two weeks reablement care could have been started the following day back in November.

It was such a relief to hear her say the changes and to know that other people will get a response from them within a working day to clarify need and that nobody will go through what I went through. The changes they have made were total common sense to me and part of me can't understand how it wasn't like this in the first place but at least I know that changes will be made from this point on. 

She has an appointment with the Manager of the physical disabilities team tomorrow to discuss the handover as she said that I clearly should have been referred to them rather than her team as my need is not mental health based. I mentioned that the reablement team haven't been as helpful as they could have been due to arriving late morning and I worried that the new agency taking over on Tuesday would also come too late to be helpful and she said she would mention that in the handover tomorrow and said that possibly direct payments would be a better option for me to which I agreed and she said she would also write that in the notes for tomorrow. 

So, I am glad the system has changed and that people will be contacted within a working day of their request for assistance to clarify what help is needed and how quickly. So, a good result from my complaint via the MP. 

To a point, I'm not so worried about care for me, but this complaint should help other people.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: ditchdwellers on 15 May 2021 10:07AM
That's a great outcome Fiz! I'm so pleased for you that you have finally got a response that you are happy with. It's must be a great feeling to think that you have made such a difference for other people who try to use the system after you.

I hope all progresses well from now onwards and you begin to get the care you need, deserve, and are entitled to. This has been a long fraught battle for you and I sincerely hope that it comes to an end soon.  :xfingers:  :big_hugs:
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: KizzyKazaer on 15 May 2021 05:03PM
Good on you, Fiz - you shouldn't have had to face such a battle over this using energy you barely have; just shows what a total mess 'social care' is at the moment, so I hope that your MP feeds it back to those in government as they continue 'reviewing' the whole system (ie kicking the can down the road until the pandemic is deemed completely under control, I suppose)
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Fiz on 17 May 2021 09:40AM
I've managed to track down the list of things the financial and benefits team want to know for my assessment but obviously it doesn't say why. 

They want to know if I have a funeral plan. I have prepaid for my funeral with Co-op which I paid in one lump sum a few years ago when I didn't think I would be around long. It's not a monthly payment thing, it covers the whole cost. Will they see this as an investment or maybe it's possible to ask for your money back minus admin charges so they see this as money available for use? Or am I over thinking this? Why else would they ask about it?!

I just didn't want my young adult children who are living hand to mouth left with debt after I'm gone and it's not as if I am going to leave enough money to pay for my own funeral or insurance scheme so just wanted this off my mind. I wasn't trying to deprivate my capital when prepaying for my funeral.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: On the edge on 17 May 2021 10:16AM
'Care needs assessment' (support does too!), but in the hearing loss area, that isn't possible.  First you have to identify those in need of care or support, and the data protection act prevents ANY deaf or HoH being assessed properly for need,    indeed what the criteria actually is TO assess nobody can agree to determine.  Care etc is currently determined by rote, i.e. by campaigns.  E.G. deaf need interpreters, need schools to sign, not speak, to not use English but signing own grammar, but how many are deaf, and how adept deaf ARE at signing it is impossible to determine, and, it is now a 'preference' not an identified need, aka a 'choice' and a 'right'.

End of discussion!  Suggesting that all with hearing loss get assessed properly and need determined as to what is best support for them was attacked quite strongly as an assault on culture etc by the deaf themselves.  Two area after a fashion (!), do assess, at least in part, they are the local SS/Authorities who get approached for support, and the DWP (!), the latter decided 63% of all hard of hearing were not and cut their allowances during the PIP fiascos. The signing deaf were unchallenged.  Clearly  the DWP vie was if you used sign language you were in real issue.   Clinical diagnosis does nothing but state how many decibels of use you have or not, that work for you, they don't suggest what you need to do, to manage it, other than a hearing aid, join a deaf club or learn to lip-read despite the options being unviable for most.

Various charities claim over a 100K deaf are signing regularly, and that just 900 interpreters exist to serve them all.  Interpreters themselves said this wasn't their own experience.  In reality near 3/4 of deaf never used one but relied on family to do that.  The ATR blog (One despised by most UK deaf activism, and mine!), attempted to run a campaign that would effectively prevent deaf using 'choice' as regards to support, it was not a popular view.  I don't apologize for that and I still campaign for it, currently loying NHS insurance companies to force the NHS to accept professional support only, after all, access to the NHS is a right for us all, but not every tom dick or gertie should be allowed to translate medical jargon, there are ethical issues too. I believe everyone deaf has a right to professional and vitally, NEUTRAL support, especially in health and legal areas etc.

Deaf charities condemned me outright, and still do, they called me names I cannot print here, banned me from near every online UK site they had, even today my blog exists only on an USA aggregate. They were exposed for direct abuse of a deaf person and endorsing the right of other deaf to refuse professional help, despite demanding more interpreters, the whole issue of support and care for this vulnerable area (Despite the shouting), is a dogma-run chaotic and biased restrictive mess.   I am unsurprised the disability movement decided they are too volatile and random to be included in their campaigns.

Would proper assessment reveal their shortcomings?  I believe yes it would and why they resist it.  Too much money at stake and 'jobs for the deaf boys and gals',  I don't think need care or support has a part in it for them.  Certainly inclusion doesn't.  The fact this comment would NEVER get aired on any UK deaf site is proof enough...
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: ditchdwellers on 17 May 2021 02:03PM
I think you may be over thinking it Fiz.
It's a bit of an odd question but seeing as it's something you paid for some time ago , I have no idea why they would or could object.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: On the edge on 18 May 2021 07:50PM
I've managed to track down the list of things the financial and benefits team want to know for my assessment but obviously it doesn't say why.

They want to know if I have a funeral plan. I have prepaid for my funeral with Co-op which I paid in one lump sum a few years ago when I didn't think I would be around long. It's not a monthly payment thing, it covers the whole cost. Will they see this as an investment or maybe it's possible to ask for your money back minus admin charges so they see this as money available for use? Or am I over thinking this? Why else would they ask about it?!

I just didn't want my young adult children who are living hand to mouth left with debt after I'm gone and it's not as if I am going to leave enough money to pay for my own funeral or insurance scheme so just wanted this off my mind. I wasn't trying to deprivate my capital when prepaying for my funeral.

The DWP view ISA's as savings too which my partner set up basically to cover future funeral costs, she is advised now to stop doing that as the DWP included it as income, because there is interest added (90p a year!).  Any money put aside for a funeral is income as the DWP is concerned. It is essential any policy contains zero return afterwards or they include it.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Fiz on 19 May 2021 07:18AM
Oh dear. I will have to look into whether it's a redeemable policy. ISAs are savings so are different though, whatever you are saving for. But I was thinking Funeral Plans being listed in the 'Capital' section of questions did mean they consider it so. I had no idea that I was rich because I have paid for my funeral  :f_erm:
I need to find the file.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: ditchdwellers on 19 May 2021 10:53AM
Don't panic or do anything drastic until you have had the financial assessment. 
What difference would cashing it in make?
I agree that ISAs are a different matter entirely. 

Take a deep breath and check how much your funeral plan would push your entire capital holdings above the allowable limits, before doing anything else.   :f_hug:
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Fiz on 19 May 2021 04:08PM
The funeral plan cost just over £3000 and is all the money I have not that I think of it as money. It's just a bill paid in my view. I would never cash it in because none of my adult children have any savings so my death would cause either debt or disownment to avoid debt and my health is rubbish so I need to know my funeral is paid for. I am banking on there being a difference between types of plans because some are payment plans and some are actually insurance policies. Mine is simply the funeral paid for. I wish they'd explain on the website how they're going to take it into account so I can stop stressing about it.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: ditchdwellers on 20 May 2021 12:10PM
As far as I remember, and I've just helped my elderly mother in law sort out live in care so I should remember but damn brain fog, you're allowed to have around  £21k in savings before it affects your expected financial contribution to your care. Any savings above this limit and you would be considered self funding. 

Income is another matter entirely. PIP payments or DLA should be disregarded, however I'm not sure how other benefits are taken into consideration. I think it varies council to council. 
I'm only entitled to PIP as in my last job I wasn't able to work long enough hours to pay NI contributions. I struggled to stay in work for as long as I could and then found out it was worth nothing. Great! So I'm very fortunate that my husband supports me financially and in so many other ways. (Sorry, rant over   :f_laugh: ).
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: On the edge on 25 May 2021 09:30AM
The funeral plan cost just over £3000 and is all the money I have not that I think of it as money. It's just a bill paid in my view. I would never cash it in because none of my adult children have any savings so my death would cause either debt or disownment to avoid debt and my health is rubbish so I need to know my funeral is paid for. I am banking on there being a difference between types of plans because some are payment plans and some are actually insurance policies. Mine is simply the funeral paid for. I wish they'd explain on the website how they're going to take it into account so I can stop stressing about it.

Actually you can get a funeral paid for a lot cheaper than £3,000, one I got was less than £2,000 it means no booze up or wake afterwards, no church services etc, but I will be past caring then :)
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Fiz on 26 May 2021 06:55PM
I did include the cost of a service in mine for my children's sake. They may choose not to have a service but it's paid for if they want one. Funerals are for the living not the dead though definitely! I also chose one with the choice of service times, first thing in the morning or last spot of the day are cheaper as they're unpopular as they make things more expensive and complicated for travellers and none of my children are local so again, was thinking of them. I went for the cheapest that would be best for them. 

It doesn't include flowers or a wake. I don't need flowers and a wake is up to them. I won't be there. 

I've been feeling very low in recent weeks so I am reassured that it's paid for. I definitely needed it sorted.

From looking around the t'internet it seems not every council sees funeral plans as capital but mine does. However if they're seeing that as the equivalent as savings or investments then I will be under the limit anyway as that's all I have so if I am right then there's nothing to worry about. 

I have emailed the complaints manager to point out some inaccuracies in my care assessment and requested that they add time to assist with creating meal preps for the freezer. Hopefully that will be added. I emailed the complaints manager as she's the only contact I have, I don't know who is looking after my case now or how to get hold of anyone.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: ditchdwellers on 27 May 2021 10:59AM
:f_hug: :f_hug: :f_hug:
Having to deal with complaints when you're feeling unwell and down is the last thing you need to be dealing with, particularly when there are no clear lines of communication. 
Well done on fighting your corner, yet again. You will get there. With all our support and good vibes winging their way to you we will get you there. Continue to have hope. Us middle aged women are fierce fighters when we have to be.  :big_hugs:
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Fiz on 03 Jun 2021 05:20AM
I had a phone call from a man from the physical disabilities team. He told me his first name. I'll guess his family name :f_doh:

He spent some time trying to persuade me to remain with the Mental Health and Substance Misuse Team rather than switch to the physical disabilities team because apparently they do exactly the same thing. I said that I would like to be under physical disabilities because I need care due to long term physical disability and I will only be under the care of mental health services temporarily. I aim to be discharged from CMHT after having my therapy from SLaM then don't want to be labelled by past mental health issues. Also the social worker from the MH&SM team has never responded to my attempts to contact her and she has never done what she said she would following my one contact with her so I hope that I am allocated a more proficient case worker in the new team. 

He told me that they will have to complete a new needs assessment and that could be quite some time  :f_whistle:
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: ditchdwellers on 03 Jun 2021 12:31PM
Oh Fiz! What a disappointing conversation  :thumbsdown:
Do you have the energy to write to your MP again? I'm sure they would be shocked that your care arrangements have still not been resolved. I can't believe how useless they are. Well actually I can, I'm just so angry and frustrated for you.  :big_hugs:
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 03 Jun 2021 08:36PM
I've just caught up with this thread.  I wish I could say I was surprised by all the hassle, but I'm not.

Desperate people in different departments of different organisations with a heartsink sense of "I've got more people needing help than I've the budget for."

You shouldn't have to fight for the care you need, but you do.  It's disgusting, but as you can see, Fizz, it's not just you.  I don't say that to make you despair, I say it to remind you that others feel what you do.

People here have made so many suggestions as to how to put pressure on those in charge of the various funds to pay out.  I've cynically reached the point of doing whatever it takes, within the law.  Threaten anything lawful and reasonable, not just telling your MP and councillor, but telling campaign groups or the media or whatever.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 03 Jun 2021 08:49PM
As for what OtE said about D/deaf people.  I struggle to find anything to disagree with.  Why should any of us, with any condition that gives rise to extra needs, be expected to have exactly the same needs as others that are put in roughly the same category?

The level of hearing loss thing I've probably mentioned in the past in relation to my DLA to PIP migration.  The ultimate in absurdity.  I was turned down and phoned the DWP with my usual preamble about my being deaf so please don't be offended if I ask for something to be repeated.

The explanation?  I said I'd served in the forces, and obviously I wouldn't have been able to enlist if I'd been deaf.  I asked the call handler whether he'd like to know how many of my colleagues died in the explosion that left me with permanent hearing loss.  He still wanted an audiogram, which, as OtE points out, is beside the point, since it's the need for hearing aids that is relevant, not the degree of loss.

I fought it, though.  Thanks to people here, over the last 2-3 years in particular, I'm reviewing my life and saying to myself, and increasingly to the world that I have the right to define my impairments/difficulties and the extra needs that arise from them.

I think it was someone here - OtE?  Ally? - who mentioned to me NHS accessible information standards.  Having discovered they exist, my approach is now to express sympathy to people in the NHS that their systems are rubbish and make it difficult for me to get the help I'm entitled to, but perhaps an easier way for them to help me would be such-and-such.  I confess that where they won't help, I've been known to end up in tears.  But most do help.

I wish I was instinctively stronger in negotiating.  I've been a very late learner, but I'm trying now.  I'm realising that we have to fight for what we are entitled to.  Keep fighting, Fizz.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Fiz on 07 Jun 2021 12:17PM
The financial assessment was as stressful as a Face to face ESA/PIP assessment. Not something that I could go through again. 

My income is income related employment support allowance and PIP enhanced care. My weekly contribution towards my 3.5 hours a week care according to this financial assessment is £76.43! 

I don't have any left over money per fortnight so I knew my contribution would mean cutting back on visits with family, heating etc but that is far more than it's possible to cut out of my life. 

I'm going to place the current care on hold as it isn't meeting my needs anyway while I have a think. It's unlikely that I will continue with any care though, it's unaffordable.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 07 Jun 2021 02:56PM
Is there anyone that could help you to recruit someone privately, maybe through an agency or with the help of a community group?

The reason I ask is that you might be able to get a better price, but of course it depends on how you recruit.

In saying that, I'm not trying to suggest that it's easy, because for me personally, I know I need help with mental/emotional help, particularly  someone to pop in on a pretty regular basis and sort of encourage me and chivvy me to get paperwork done, and I've not sorted it.

On the other hand, I have a good set-up with someone to do my garden (which is large) in exchange for a fair rate of pay plus a cuppa and biscuits and sitting in my garden reading his newspaper when he wants and helping himself to flowers.

What I mean is that I know it's not easy, but if you can have help recruiting privately, you might be able to find help you can afford with your PIP.

Either way, have another hug.

Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Fiz on 07 Jun 2021 05:38PM
I'm thinking of contacting good life sorted but don't currently have the mental capacity to fill in the online form
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Sunshine Meadows on 07 Jun 2021 07:15PM
Sorry it was not better news. A similar thing happened when Mr Sunshine broke his leg. Why do the powers that be even bother with the pantomime. They should just say it is likely we will need you to pay a contribution from your PIP. I am probably being over the top but to me cutting local Government funding and so the availability of social care is a stealth tax on people who get PIP.

Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Fiz on 08 Jun 2021 06:47AM
I agree I am sure it is a tax and also agree that had I known my contribution would be this large I would never have applied for care. They'd save themselves time and money by being transparent about costs from the start. 

My PIP care is £179.20 and my disability related expenses are £117.17 and I had read on another local authority's website that they take 10% of disposable income as contributions towards care cost so had thought in my head I might be asked for £6.21 a week which is doable. It seems my local authority take more than someone's entire disposable income. 

I managed to complete the online form yesterday for good life sorted. I am aiming to find someone to help me meal prep for two hours fortnightly. If all goes well with the helper I may add an hour during the week she isn't coming to help me move things around that I am unable to lift and carry. At least with good life sorted they are all enhanced DBS and are self employed so no worries about taxing plus no contract and if you cancel a week, you don't pay.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 08 Jun 2021 12:09PM
That sounds promising. 

When I was a child and people like my nana got help from the council then later moved into a dementia ward, it may have sounded very restrictive, but the 'care in the community' we were sold has turned out to be even more disempowering, with DLA and AA never really being enough, then the 'austerity' cuts both directly to benefits and indirectly to council budgets.

The other thing is that when I was at school, in the sixth form, we did community service, rotating round elders' homes to help.  Ok, so there was no continuity, but it was just a bit of extra help on top of the council's meals on wheels etc.  My all time absurdity was a woman with a small front lawn and no way to cut it.  She had no garden shears, so in desperation, I used a pair of large scissors.  Yes, daft, but it gave me an experience I can still laugh at decades later and it gave her a tidy lawn that was otherwise neglected.  She felt ok to laugh with me at the time, too.

Also, in those days, more women were housewives, and more pottered to the shops and were happy to do a bit of shopping for neighbours with no embarassment.  Thus my nana got meals on wheels plus other shopping.

Where I live, the pandemic's been brilliant for networking our community to volunteer, e.g. I pick up a neighbour's medication for her, and I'd like to see that expanded.  If it hadn't been for the pandemic, I think by now I'd have asked for help with paperwork.  I don't mean to do the paperwork, I mean to sit with me and calm me while I do it.

I see more hope in community help than state help these days.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Fiz on 09 Jun 2021 07:25PM
Having paused the care while I have a think, a massive weight has lifted from my shoulders. No one is going to walk in my house at any given time within a 6 hour period, my life is no longer ruled by 'when' or if they might arrive. I haven't experienced any hypersomnia since stopping steroids so I am no longer having several days in a row unable to get up so I feel I can manage. 

Unfortunately good life sorted don't have any assistants in my area available so I will have to manage without help at the moment. I have cancelled the meal prep ingredients for this Friday's online supermarket delivery as I am not sure I will manage it and have quite a few meal preps in the freezer for the next fortnight.

I'm unsure about advertising locally for someone to help me meal prep, I like to feel somebody is understanding, DBS checked and tax and NI is paid. If I struggle I will have to think again.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 09 Jun 2021 10:29PM
It's a difficult balance, isn't it, between the plus of having help with things that are difficult and the minus of the help being provided disruptively?

I hope you can find some help.

Mind you, when Dad couldn't cope with cooking safely but was still living at home, I started stocking up on Wiltshire Farm Foods ready meals.  I suppose being processed food, they have the disadvantages that entails, but he ate worse junk than that anyway.  I wish I could say that I ate better.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Fiz on 16 Jun 2021 06:14PM
Got the final financial assessment today. They assessed my contribution to be £60.42 a week and the care they had been providing was £69 so the Council would pay about £9. 

My disposable income is about £50 a week and out of that I buy petrol to visit my family and friends, sometimes parking fees and social things oh and Christmas and birthday presents for my family. There's no way in a million years I could afford £60 a week it would push me into poverty and I would have no quality of life. 

I'm going to try and find someone to help me chop vegetables for two hours every fortnight for my meal preps. I'm already stressed about how to source the right person.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 16 Jun 2021 08:22PM
I find it disgusting the way the modern system expects people to find money for care.

Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: ditchdwellers on 17 Jun 2021 10:54AM
I echo Sunny's comments wholeheartedly. It's totally inhumane to treat people like this in a so called civilised society. It makes me so angry, embarrassed,  and ashamed all at the same time. 

If you are just looking for someone to do meal prep etc, how about doing a quick Google for domicillary care providers in your area and call around a few.  When my mother in law was just having daytime care , we were paying something in the region of £20.00 - £23.00 hr (last year) using a small company set up by two women who used to be carers for one of the large agencies and didn't like the way they were run and the standard of care. They were excellent.  Although this is a lot of money out of your budget, and awful lot of food prep could be done in an hour.

Alternatively,  I don't know how you would feel about searching for a local volunteering group who could come out and help you. I'm sure the volunteers would be DBS checked if you asked. The local council or library may be a place to start. 

I really hope you find someone to help you out soon Fiz.  You so deserve it  :f_rose:
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Fiz on 20 Jun 2021 03:28PM
My allotted social worker telephoned and was sympathetic. She went and spoke to her manager and it was agreed they could take into account the hydrotherapy cost as being disability related as an exception reducing my contribution to £40 something or other which just makes it affordable however she said that if I am only wanting meal prep help then it would be cheaper for me to arrange that myself. She's posting me a list of agencies/companies that could help with that and told me to come back to her if my needs changed. 

I hadn't realised that the financial assessor hadn't accepted the hydrotherapy as being disability related. I do that for fun obviously! I hate the experience actually but am just trying to strengthen back muscles to support my spine more and reduce pain. Still, at least I know that you're fleeced to the extent of having no social money when assessed for care now. Though they've increased the savings you can have without having to take it into account to £16,000! I'd love £16,000! It's the same contribution whether you have zilch savings or £15999 which doesn't seem right to me.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 20 Jun 2021 05:09PM
The whole thing is ridiculous.

Having said that, trying to say what is or isn't disability support isn't always easy.  Non-disabled people don't always get it, and I love it when they do.

For instance - mobility.  For me, the biggest problem has almost always been psychological.  Sometimes depression, sometimes fear of falling with ataxia. The people that really understood what helped most with it were the people that I paid for help.  Who were they?  Taxi drivers.  Yes, for some people, having a taxi to somewhere is a form of transport and nothing else.  For me it was 'friendly face to take me somewhere when I was struggling'.

As for savings limits, they're cruelly low.  But then most benefits are cruelly low.

I say that aware that I'm on a level of benefits that's above what a lot of people have and now have the privilege of living in a family home, so I'm not struggling.  That's to say that I rant about this whether it affects me or not.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Fiz on 10 Jul 2021 11:37AM
On the day of the financial assessment when I was told how much my contribution towards my care would be which is more than I could afford I phoned the care agency and cancelled the care so I have not received any care since. 

Today I have received a bill for dates 18/5-7/6 which is obviously unaffordable. I thought all care prior to the financial assessment was non chargeable? Do I have to pay this? I could cry.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: ditchdwellers on 10 Jul 2021 12:55PM
Definitely appeal the charges, and at the very least tell them that you are too unwell to deal with it currently. 
If they do insist that you are liable for the charges, then why not try enlisting the help of your helpful MP again? I'm sure they would be shocked at the way in which disabled people are being treated in their patch.

I'm so sorry this whole pitiful saga has raised its ugly head to bite you on the bum again. It sickens me when I think of how hard you have tried to get what you should be rightfully entitled to.  :f_sadface:
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Fiz on 10 Jul 2021 05:59PM
I think I will write to my MP. I think it should be unlawful to charge people an undeclared unannounced sum of money, it's not even as if what they were doing was meeting my needs and they rarely turned up before 11am when breakfast was part of their role and twice didn't turn up at all. I simply don't have the energy currently though, I just hope I can do it within the 28 days the bill says that I need to pay it by. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket online and deal with it that way.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 10 Jul 2021 07:25PM
A long-shot - is there anything they did that was harmful to you or your property in some way that you could suggest they should knock off the bill?  Just a thought.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Fiz on 11 Jul 2021 10:04AM
They barely walked in the door. They were meant to prepare breakfast but I never wanted it at 11.30 so usually they made a mug of tea and left. I'm shocked that it's lawful they can charge you what they like, I was specifically told verbally at my needs assessment by the reablement team that I would not be charged for anything prior to the financial assessment and that it would be free and as that was the case when I worked in care management for adult services I had no reason to believe she was lieing.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 11 Jul 2021 11:08AM
This is horrible.

Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: ditchdwellers on 11 Jul 2021 01:41PM
Blimey Fiz, this just goes from bad to worse. It's a terrible way to treat people. 
I would say you are on solid grounds for contesting the bill, and with your MPs help, I hope you get the apology you so rightly deserve. 
The incompetence and sheer lack of compassion, support, and communication given by your Social Services has been astounding.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Fiz on 13 Jul 2021 12:31PM
I just don't have the energy to put pen to paper currently and my MP doesn't do emails so I have emailed the manager at the council who dealt with the complaint triggered by the MP's letter. I'm just hoping that I have been billed by mistake and that I don't owe this money. I haven't been able to find anything out online.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: ditchdwellers on 13 Jul 2021 12:51PM
:f_hug:  :f_hug:  :f_hug:
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Fiz on 30 Jul 2021 10:52AM
The social prescriber at my GP surgery got on the case and my file from the reablement team was examined and no record of the RB4? form was found so on that basis they are waivering the fees due for the care. I assume the missing form would have told me that I was liable for an interim care costs at whatever rate they set, as if I would ever have accepted that had it been presented to me. So there ends my saga with adult services whom I hope that I never have to have contact with again.
Title: Re: Care needs assessment
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 30 Jul 2021 02:15PM

But what a horrible time you've had of it.  I know that typically social services departments are overstretched and underfunded, but that doesn't make it ok to put you through what you've been through.