Author Topic: DWP Job Suggestions - or maybe not  (Read 1847 times)


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DWP Job Suggestions - or maybe not
« on: 23 Aug 2019 08:44PM »
21 August, 2019 / Add to favourites
DWP’s universal credit website suggests claimants search for work as striptease artists or fortune tellers
First highlighted in the rightsnet forum, DWP says information is 'inappropriate' and was 'mistakenly listed'
Universal credit claimants should consider searching for work as striptease artists or fortune tellers, according to the DWP's universal credit website.
Hosted on, the 'Work you could do' web pages are designed to help people looking for work to understand the kind of work they'd do in various occupations, and suggests 'words to use in your online search'.
However, alongside work as a hotel assistant and changing room attendant, the site suggests that universal credit claimants might do an online jobsearch for 'striptease artist' and that the kind of work they might do would include -
'.. dances in adult entertainment establishments.'
While advising that there are 'no formal academic entry requirements' and that 'training is typically received on the job', the site suggests that other areas of work might include -
divining and telling fortunes by various means; and
loading numbered balls into a machine, starting machine, removing balls and reading out the numbers.

First highlighted yesterday in the rightsnet discussion forum, the DWP is reported to have said this afternoon that 'this is inappropriate and we will immediately review this to determine why it is mistakenly listed'.
The 'Work you could do' pages were then replaced with a message that says 'Work you could do' is temporarily unavailable.

For more information, see

One of the jobs listed in the picture is "clapper boy" - Im really not sure of the job description but  >yikes<

this was the original link but not sure it still works

As well as rightsnet Huffington post picked up this story

DWP have taken the site down but its disgusting that they would sanction someone who didn't apply for those jobs.


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Re: DWP Job Suggestions - or maybe not
« Reply #1 on: 23 Aug 2019 09:28PM »
The original link just leads to a page with the 'temporarily unavailable' message - bet someone at the DWP has a very red face over this!

...its disgusting that they would sanction someone who didn't apply for those jobs.

I don't think they'd dare, now...

If it was April 1st, the story would make more sense  >erm<


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Re: DWP Job Suggestions - or maybe not
« Reply #2 on: 24 Aug 2019 02:13PM »
I’m laughing.  I can’t bend, so, I need help to undress various parts of my body.  Therefore, I’d need someone on the stage with me to get my stockings off etc.  I can’t stand long either, so, unless I could do it from my chair, that would be out.  Lap dancing?  I can’t get up from sitting down,  without propelling myself forward.  Therefore, I’d need someone to help with that, or, I’d be stuck on someone’s knee.  Pole dancing?  That brings other issues.  I have no balance, and, if I wrapped my leg around a pole, I’d possibly fall over.  Since I have osteoporosis, that would mean a certain fracture.  Unless someone medically trained was in the audience, I’d be a liability,  and, a costly mistake.  A bingo caller?  Unless the audience were deaf,and could use sign language.  id be useless at that too. Same with reading palms, although that could be more interesting,  Somehow, I can’t  see myself being   employed in any of the jobs above.


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Re: DWP Job Suggestions - or maybe not
« Reply #3 on: 24 Aug 2019 05:13PM »
now i can laugh, i was thinking only my welfare officer had the idea to send me as a lap dancer, his  comment was, some men like fat old woman. but that this  things are official are not more a joke , that is discrimination.