Author Topic: Direct payments and transport  (Read 3735 times)


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Re: Direct payments and transport
« Reply #15 on: 23 Dec 2017 08:18PM »
Hi Fiz

With enhanced daily living I would probably say wait for the renewal to come before trying to get the enhanced mobility but start establishing with medical people how little you can mobilise, so that when renewal comes there will be no way the docs can say "Oh but Fiz can walk 50 meters."
Its the usual - do I risk what I have in order to get more or just keep going until I have to do the PIP all over again.
good luck


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Re: Direct payments and transport
« Reply #16 on: 24 Dec 2017 07:57AM »
Good plan Monic. Plus my GP says we can get on top of the pain so at this moment in time I doubt she would back my case strongly. She's been saying that for months to give me hope I think because she knows how my physical pain affects my mental health.

Even if this Amitriptyline helps reduce the pain 30-40% as the spinal consultant informed me, I'm buying it myself and I can't say or feel for sure that I can always afford to. It's not cheap and if I need to take 20mg a day to get the benefit then I'm unlikely to sustain the cost as the 84 tablets I buy at once will last half as long. So time is needed to work out the variables so I know exactly where I'm at pain wise so waiting for the next assessment seems sensible.