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This is the final in a series of evaluation reports examining the Provider Led Pathways to Work. This research was part of a comprehensive evaluation of the Provider-Led Pathways commissioned by DWP in 2008 to provide an independent assessment of the programme’s implementation, claimants’ experiences and outcomes.
Date of publication: 7 February 2013

"The contracts between DWP and provider organisations required that providers give tailored, work-focused support with a personal action plan as well as carry out a series of work-focused interviews with clients. PL Pathways contracts stipulated that providers must offer some form of Condition Management Programme (CMP), though there was some freedom in how these programmes were designed and delivered. Customers could be referred to CMP and the other ‘Choices’ package elements where considered appropriate."

"In PL Pathways, following the initial Work Focused Interview (WFI) with Jobcentre Plus, customers were referred on to the local contracted provider, on a mandatory basis, to attend the further five WFIs at four week intervals (As long as they continued claiming incapacity benefits). In certain prescribed circumstances a WFI could be waived and the most severely ill and disabled were exempt from attending the five further WFIs. All new and existing customers who were waived or exempt or not part of the mandatory WFI process could participate voluntarily."

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