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Title: The deafie Diary
Post by: On the edge on 18 Nov 2021 12:52PM
Guaranteed to be annoying and occasionally discriminatory but hey, you have to start somewhere. https://deafiediary.blogspot.com/ (https://deafiediary.blogspot.com/)
Title: Re: The deafie Diary
Post by: Sunshine Meadows on 18 Nov 2021 02:05PM
An enjoyable read thank you. It reminded me of how after many years of being treated like I could walk okay my Mum sprung a social worker type person who spent a lot of time telling me I needed to go to an assessment centre that was a bus and train journey from where I lived. Every week day for six weeks, erm No so I continued my merry way of going to school an hour early to avoid the bullies who called me names and then get let out earlier at the end of the day to get a head start on the run home. Homework what home work I could not carry the books.

Hmm tah for the rantage opportunity.

'Some of us acquire deafness quite naturally without any effort and then have to struggle, we still call being deaf 'a problem' or the DWP will cut the allowances, and access to work funding is a gold mine.  Read on, why worry? '

I was at a friends house recently and we were trying to get me up a big step into his garden. He mentioned how me crawling on my hands and knees upset him and it took me aback. I guess it is the baby elephant aspect, I also think had he see me struggling away when I was 16 he would have took me out of there. I would have gladly left cos he had horses  :biggrin:

Back to deafness being I can't fathom why anyone would say it is okay to not teach people to read.

My brain is still wonky so my academic side seems to have left the building.
Title: Re: The deafie Diary
Post by: On the edge on 21 Nov 2021 11:12AM
The next bit lacking in as much humour sorry! https://deafiediary.blogspot.com/2021/11/at-school.html