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News and Current Affairs. / Re: Heaven only knows what'll happen
« Last post by Monic1511 on Today at 04:47 PM »
Five years between a husband and wife is fairly common. I think the coverage was excessive but it’s not every day that the Queen’s husband dies.  Philip was never considered a risk to Elizabeth other than by her doting papa who didn’t want any of his daughter growing up. The courtiers saw someone who was homeless with a mentally ill mother, playboy dad, sisters married to Nazi’s and hated him. By this time he’d been Elizabeth’s penpal for 5 years. At 13 Elizabeth was sent with her parents to Dartmouth and Philip was told to keep the princesses occupied while the adults continued their meeting so if that’s bad behaviour I hope no one has ever watched their younger cousins while the adults were busy - you’re at risk of being classed as a possible sex offender.

Okay not everyone wants a royal family but I’d rather the Queen as head of state than Boris. The problem for the media is that too much is overkill and not enough is disrespectful.

I just need to check Hansard to see what the government announced while the media was faffing about.

As they often say on the radio “different times” 
Cafe / Re: Re-launching the ship happyness by bulekingfisher
« Last post by bulekingfisher on Today at 03:11 PM »
Hello Kizzy Kazaer

The TV camera's show our day to day life which show we use/have a strong sense of responsibility a lot of Able Bodied people are very surprised to realise how thorough we are to complete a job encourage trust in disabled people
Cafe / Re: Re-launching the ship happyness by bulekingfisher
« Last post by oldtone27 on Today at 02:51 PM »
Apology accepted. That's the great advantage of virtual photos, you can make of them what you will! :f_whistle:
Cafe / Re: Re-launching the ship happyness by bulekingfisher
« Last post by bulekingfisher on Today at 02:36 PM »
Hello Old Tone 27

I humbly apologise for getting your name mixed up with a trainee referee I knew in York a few years ago + I've been looking at the photo's you took of the dancing on the table
Cafe / Re: Re-launching the ship happyness by bulekingfisher
« Last post by bulekingfisher on Today at 02:11 PM »
Hello Old
Talk / Re: Census 2021 - lets do this :-)
« Last post by On the edge on Today at 11:47 AM »
It is still a contentional issue with deafened/HoH mostly.  It centres around very basic issues, e.g. just where can you use it? it isn't hearing loss awareness,  can I immerse myself within the situation where it is most effective by joining a deaf community? but primarily I suspect the issue is do I want to be reliant on a 3rd party?  One survey suggested 86% of HoH said this was why they won't adopt sign use, independence even in isolation more preferable. For those born into it, it isn't an issue but a way of living, it is us who struggle with any attempt to do the same.  Once hearing you won't really be able to change that. 

For the majority with hearing loss, sign has been replaced by text technologies already, we know it has replaced BSL on TV etc via subtitling/captioning, doing both at the same time saw BSL suffer by default we read the text first. SEE HEAR has next to no viewers according to MORI, and as OUCH knows, was panned by the HoH for failure to include, in the end, the BBC scrapped feedback to it, and, a reason why OUCH is here, the BBC wanted us out unless we stopped criticising their access discriminations, the BBC then installed disabled 'yes-people' so a sanitised view of disability is seen by disabled that should know better. 

They put SIGN ZONE online instead which was welcomed by deaf areas but effectively saw them dumped away from prime time TV killing inclusion in any broad sense by isolating BSL, as was SEE HEAR dumped to god knows what channel or time now, the BBC wanted it scrapped but it clashed with inclusion laws, so they did the next best thing, put it where nobody knows it is on.      Like most, I have been deterred by the D/d politics of it all really.  I was just getting lectures on how to communicate with people I  didn't even relate to.  I have moved on I don't think they have or want to.
News and Current Affairs. / Re: Heaven only knows what'll happen
« Last post by Fiz on 12 Apr 2021 11:10PM »
It sounds as if she is understandably struggling with the loss. I think he was her sounding board during tough times and not having someone to share worries with will be a loss for her. Helpfully her children all know it's their duty now to be there for her and her children aren't far away. I admire the Queen too Steve and I really feel for her.
Talk / Re: Census 2021 - lets do this :-)
« Last post by Fiz on 12 Apr 2021 11:04PM »
I did BSL 1 years ago. I follow various signing orgs and groups on Facebook and watch a lot of videos and could probably sign a lot of songs with a mixture of BSL/SSE which is how songs are signed. I would love to learn more BSL and there are excellent Zoom classes now but unfortunately they're all evening classes and with the adrenal insufficiency I am rarely awake during evenings. I wish there was a daytime class on Zoom.
Talk / Re: Lifting restrictions by Fiz from UK site
« Last post by Fiz on 12 Apr 2021 10:58PM »
I drove past a barbers today and there was at least ten men queuing outside down the pavement, probably more. That would be hopeless for me too with pain standing. Very glad that my hairdresser does appointments. My daughter saw my ex-sil and nieces today and my great nephews apparently have really long hair as they've not been able to get to a barbers and it was hearing that that made me realise how tough this lockkdown has been for children and men. I have hacked at my own fringe a couple of times but the longer look is okay for women. 

It feels strange things being open again. My daughter met the family members in a park by a river today and because it was so cold there weren't many people there.
Cafe / Re: Re-launching the ship happyness by bulekingfisher
« Last post by KizzyKazaer on 12 Apr 2021 09:37PM »
Oh heck, I never even imagined that he could mean you :f_doh: :f_laugh:
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