Author Topic: What have you paid for a ceiling track hoist?  (Read 1351 times)


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What have you paid for a ceiling track hoist?
« on: 22 Aug 2016 06:46PM »
I am trying to get an idea of how much it may cost to get a track hoist put in. I know that all installations are different, but at least I will have a feel for the right kind of number - at the moment it is just a yawning black hole of ignorance.

I'm assuming there's nobody on here who has a SureHands hoist? I've asked to get a demo of one and said I would travel anywhere in the EU to see a working model and they told me there isn't one! Seriously???! No showroom anywhere, I just have to pony up a bunch of cash and see whether or not I like it once I have had major structural alterations???! I've made enough serious equipment mistakes in the past, I'm not ready to make another one. They tell me all they can do is come and "assess" me for whether or not it's suitable, but not whether or not I will like it, that doesn't matter.  >steam<  So tired of equipment being like that.