Author Topic: Heatwave survival hints and tips  (Read 4951 times)


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Re: Heatwave survival hints and tips
« Reply #15 on: 22 Jul 2016 10:40PM »
I'm hoping it will give you a giggle to tell you how silly it can be when it's the other way round.

 >biggrin< >thumbsup< >hugs<

What an amazing and diverse crowd we are on here. One of the many things I love about this forum is that you always learn something new.

(What, you think I did that so I could pinch all NN's hugs?  Why, how could you suggest such a thing?)

That's ok Sunny. After all, I nicked all the chocolate on the other thread. Here, have a nice warm sun to help keep you toasty. >Sun<

Sunny Clouds

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Re: Heatwave survival hints and tips
« Reply #16 on: 23 Jul 2016 12:29AM »
Ooh, a source of warmth!

It is ok to be wearing my nice warm pullover when the temperture's only 25 degrees, isn't it?

It must be utterly horrid to struggle with heat.  It's not nice feeling cold easily, but at least I can always bung another layer of clothes on.

Sleep well, folks.  Stay comfortable as best you can.
(I'm an obsessive problem-solver, so feel free to ignore any suggestions or solutions I offer, even if they sound terribly insistent.)


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Re: Heatwave survival hints and tips
« Reply #17 on: 01 Aug 2016 09:01PM »
o0h, you  just  brought my memories back, about high temperature and what people feel . I lived many years in Abu Dhabi, so  by just 25  degrees I wore my  fur jacket, I was feeling cold, and behind me  where touris saying, look at her , and I turned and  said, live  day in and out with 40 and more then you freeze by 25. the  really looked puzzled, but  I still  like more the heat.