Author Topic: Will we ever own another sofa?  (Read 1590 times)


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Will we ever own another sofa?
« on: 10 Jun 2016 07:49PM »
Is a sofa an option for people with fundamentally different needs? My seating needs are very specific, I have to be tilted, the height, depth and angle have to be just right, and I can't sit on anything low friction or I just slide off. My husband is very tall and likes leather sofas! I don't really want to get two arm chairs because I want us to be able to snuggle up together when we choose to, and lie down to take naps. But I have found nothing at all in searches for a sofa which can be petite at one end and big at the other. Perhaps some kind of corner sofa would work so his end would be bigger? I'm really not sure. A perfect seat for me is a petite tilt in space riser recliner, but that doesn't take into account our needs as a couple who want to spend time together. Can recliner sofas be made different at each end? Do these specialise companies make sofas? This situation surely cannot be unique! By far the majority of couples are still heterosexual, and statistically men are big and women small, it's hardly unusual! Yet it's like I'm the only person looking. Anything I can try?


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Re: Will we ever own another sofa?
« Reply #1 on: 10 Jun 2016 11:43PM »
I recall seeing ads for bed companies that custom-make, and there are sofa companies in the UK that will make sofas to specific lengths.  I imagine that if you went into a large department store that had a furniture section the salespeople might know of make-to measure sofas.  Old houses must have awkward corners that need special sofas.

An interesting conundrum.