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Title: Hair washing tips for coordination.issues
Post by: RoseRodent on 08 Jan 2020 04:41PM
My daughter has some challenges with coordination and strength, and washing her hair is a real challenge. She's the kind of age that it's not ideal to have mum in the bathroom, I'm wondering if there are ways to help with her difficulties. She currently comes out with her hair about the same or with big globs of unrinsed shampoo in it, which end up getting dried in there and it's sticky as anything. She has weak fingers and tires quickly, so it's hard to get her to rub at her hair, she forgets which product goes where and how much, and puts the product in one place then fruitlessly rubs an entirely different part of her head. We have a laminated card which shows what goes on in what order, I'm looking for a safety mirror she can use to see where the shampoo is (and, vitally, isn't) but would love any more tips. She has very long hair and wants to keep it long.
Title: Re: Hair washing tips for coordination.issues
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 08 Jan 2020 07:01PM
One option - run a bowl/basin of water and put some shampoo in the water.  Wash the hair using water from the bowl/basin.  Pull the plug. Use either a bowl/basin of clean water or water from the tap to rinse.

Use cheap, plain shampoo.  The sort I use is almost like washing up liquid or plain (non-moisturising) handwash.  If she forgets to rinse, it won't leave the hair gooey.

Put the shampoo in a pump action dispenser.  Makes it easier because you can do one splurt or two splurts or whatever.

Alternatively wash the hair when showering or bathing.

Some people find that old-fashioned plain soap  works on hair as well as skin.  (Obviously hair types vary.)

Some people don't wash their hair very often.  Depending on skin type, it can be possible to leave hair for months just brushed not washed.  I don't do it, but some people do.
Title: Re: Hair washing tips for coordination.issues
Post by: Sunshine on 28 Jan 2020 01:49PM
Using a basin is a good idea, to take that further I wonder could your daughter wash her hair over the bath and using a mixer shower thingum on the taps? I find washing my hair when I have a shower is too tiring because I I have to sit upright with my arms above my head whereas over the bath my upper body weight rests on the side of the bath and my arms are out in front or down in relation to me.