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I've managed to injure myself with a piece of paper  :f_laugh:

I bent down to pick up the the offending piece of paper from our bedroom floor and I felt this sudden intense pain in my lower left ribs. It was excruciating and left me gasping for air.
Sitting on the bed trying to get my breath back, I could feel a very painful area around a particularly point in my ribs. It feels like the area where the bone meets the cartilage.

Now I'm no stranger to Tietzes Syndrome, thanks to Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and this has always occurred in the upper sternal ribs. My first thought was this is what had happened in my lower ribs. A new place for me, whoopee!
Unfortunately it happened as I was packing for us to go on a week's holiday with the family so I continued trying to pack, my husband loaded the car, made me a hot water bottle for my ribs, and off we set for a three hour drive.

Well I didn't let on to the family how much pain I was in during the holiday and played with the grandchildren as much as I could, and glugged the morphine. Two weeks on my ribs are no better and I'm contemplating phoning my rheumatologist for help. It's affecting my sleep, I can't sit up in bed without help, or get out of the bath unaided. It even hurts to breathe. I feel like I'm being a bit of a whinger and a complainer when all I did was pick up a damn piece of paper!
That'll teach me to tidy up  :f_laugh: 

I think it's one those chronic pain/chronic condition things where you get so used to being in pain you don't like to make a fuss when something else flares up. I get into this mindset where I think it will get better on it's own when in reality, and if I'm being completely honest with myself, if it was going to get any better on it's own then it would have shown some improvement after three weeks.

I'm even feeling guilty for even considering calling my rheumatologist as I know how busy he is. Yet why am I feeling guilty? Is my pain any less valid than the next person? I'm feeling very conflicted by this and it's an unsettling feeling.

You are important as well so make sure you get an appointment, hope you’re feeling better soon

Sunshine Meadows:
Crikey DD


I think you are right things should have started to get better by now.

Pain is a complicated thing and for some having hope of improvement in the actual condition causing vulnerability is too much to bare so we endure it and wait.

A conversation with a doctor that goes that goes along the lines of yes yes apart from the injury managing okay, well time will tell.

If someone broke their leg in a slip fall in a shop the circumstances of recovering would be so different.

Sorry about me being grumpy it is not you its the unfairness of it all.


Sunny Clouds:
Just a knee-jerk response on my part, but pain that can affect breathing matters as much as things that mechanically affect breathing.

You're all right of course  :f_hug:

Thank you for reminding me that my pain is valid.
I phoned my rheumatologist and he's on hospital for a fortnight so I called my GP and got a face to face appointment. She has referred me for an xray which I'm having on Tuesday.

The pain is no better so I definitely know something isn't right.

I have a feeling it might be Slipping Rib syndrome where the lower ribs slip under the ribcage. My symptoms fit and being a hypermobile person I wouldn't be surprised!


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