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I've finally got an appointment to have a suspicious mole removed from my lower leg.

I had one removed about 10 years ago from the same sort of area and this one started growing about eight months ago. I didn't think too much about it at first until it started itching! Then I remembered my previous mole.

Trying to get to make an appointment to see my GP proved to be virtually impossible. The surgery asked me to send in photos and sent me a direct link to send them to, where a doctor would look at them and respond within three days. The days and weeks passed and I was tired and tied down with other things like PIP renewal so let it slide.
It then came time for my annual medication review and my GP phoned me. She asked if I had any other issues and I asked about my mole photos. "What mole photos? " she said.
I was furious. Six weeks had passed since I had sent them in. At first she denied she had them, then admitted they were on my record and been 'overlooked '.
She went on to say they looked perfectly normal and then added "but I don't suppose you're happy with that, and want to see a GP don't you?"
Her attitude was appalling.  :f_yikes:
I stood my ground and she miraculously found me an appointment for the same day with a different doctor!

This doctor was lovely and couldn't have been more different from my own. She took photos using a special lens and sent them to the local hospital for them to check and they have decided it's best to remove it.

If it had been up to the first GP nothing would have been done about it.
I think that once I have had the procedure I will complain to the practice manager. I doubt that I'm the first person to complain about this doctor's lack of care and professionalism.

Sunny Clouds:
The trouble is that the bad doctors can survive professionally because of the number of GPs that are quitting general practice, variously retiring early, changing specialty, emigrating or changing career.  I think that's understandable given the way that GPs have been scapegoated by the government and by media outlets like the Mail, and because of the way the NHS is being defunded & privatised, which is dumping more work on GPs.  Also, the aggro that receptionists and practice managers get means it's harder to recruit and retain the good ones.

All of which is a nightmare if you're either somewhere with a massive shortage of GPs and can't get on a list at all, or if your local GPs aren't up to scratch and you can't get on the list of a good one.

I will be gloom-mongering enough to say that with the mass sell-out of GP practices around the country to a big subsidiary of an American health company with a bad reputation, now's the time not just to consider whether to change practices, but to be very picky if you can which you move to.

Meanwhile, fingers crossed you can get that mole removed fast.  I had what I thought was a dodgy mole on my back that was difficult to see clearly and a few years back it suddenly seemed to start growing and changing colour.  Fortunately, it turned out to be a seborrhoeic keratosis, but it gives me a sense of "If I was that concerned about something that turned out on examination by GP to be nothing to worry about, how would I feel if it needed to be checked further, eeek!"

So I'm glad you're having it removed.

Thanks Sunny!
Sorry, I somehow missed your reply  - I wasn't ignoring you,  promise  :f_laugh:

My appointment for the mole removal is in a few weeks time and I'll be glad to get it over and done with to be honest.
I'm sure it's fine, but I'm fair skinned with naturally reddish hair and lots of freckles and often had sunburn back in the 70s when no-one bothered with sunscreen.
The last few years I've made a conscious effort to keep my legs covered in summer, partly because of the moles and partly because nobody needs to see my lily white, short, stumpy pins  :f_yikes:  It's enough to terrify the grandchildren and leave them with a memory of granny I rather they didn't have!

Sunny Clouds:
Never mind, in due course you'll learn to ignore my rantings completely!  :f_winkeye:


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