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Am I right in thinking no Ouchers have had Covid yet?

I did my first ever PCR today as I have been feeling rough. I'm expecting it to be negative as I think it's just a cold but thought I would get a test so I know whether to meet up with my sons on the 28th. It was as unpleasant as I expected it to be! I very much hope that I never have to do another.  :f_doh:

Sunny Clouds:
If I've had it, it's been symptomless or fooled the PCR.  On just one day I've had a persistent dry cough and had a PCR, but all was well, and by the end of the day I wasn't coughing any more anyway.

Naturally, it's up to you whether to get coviddified, nevertheless appreciate it if you avoided any temptation to get really ill, and dying would be most inconsiderate.  Not that I care about you or anything, of course.  :f_whistle:

Have this cup of anti-lurgy ouch-tea to keep you well.   :coffee:

Here's hoping that will get me back to sleep. I'll have it with the blackcurrant max strength cold relief that I have just made

ETA PCR negative  :thumbsup:

That's a relief Fiz!  :heart:

Sunny Clouds:
See, you can't spend Christmas in intensive care after all.

Ok, I'll be serious - I'm also relieved.


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