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I've been feeling really ill physically the last few weeks. I have extreme fatigue, completing any task feels impossible and I feel drained, like I am going under a general anaesthetic. I'm having to force myself to do things as I am reorganising my upstairs and have deadlines and I am tearful and irritable. I wondered if I am producing less cortisol and had intended mentioning all this when I see my GP for our 4 weekly appointment on Thursday. Today I am nauseous and my head is swimming and I felt like I might pass out so took my blood pressure.

It's 141/88 which is high and not what I had expected! Now I have been looking that up and am worried. I am very overweight and obviously don't/can't exercise. I guess I need to think about my diet more as I could reduce my calories.

Does anyone else have high blood pressure or know anything about it? It makes me more determined to taper my steroids in the new year as steroids can raise blood pressure although I should only be on a replacement dose as my own production is suboptimal so not taking more than the normal cortisol levels that should be in my body anyway.

I'm barely sleeping at all at the moment and I am very stressed about a lot of things. No idea whether the GP will treat this or how it will be treated.

Sunny Clouds:
What I do know about it is that there are very conflicting views amongst professionals as to what helps and what doesn't.

Incidentally, on the diet thing, a few years back (four or five maybe?) I went on an internet binge on and around the topic of fat storage, gain, loss etc.  It left me convinced that it's a multifactorial thing, very individual, and that the standard advice for the last few decades has been too skewed by big-company and government interests. (E.g. pushing high carb, low fat, which made sense both in terms of pushing highly processed junk food and also in persuading people in America during the cold war to rely on crops that were American-grown like corn/maize.)

In the end, I reached the opinion that our society is over-keen on fat-shaming whilst under-helpful to people who are over-fat.  It's not helped by an obsession with weight, which is a useful everyday proxy, but to compare, I'm over-fat and under-fit but weigh 2lb more than I did when I could do PT with the paras.  Yes, that is two pounds not three stone.  Back then I was 'overweight' on an NHS chart but had a small belly and loads of muscle.

Likewise this year, I dropped about two and a half stone, mainly fat, just by changing my diet, not by 'dieting', but I'm putting some belly fat on again, and I'm pretty sure that for me it's currently wanting biscuits. 

(I wish there were a way of persuading my doctor to increase my thyroxine.  He'd save me hundreds a year on my heating bills as well as reducing my fat.)

Recently, I've started looking at it again.  I'm particularly interested in what Giles Yeo is saying about how individual the issue of storing and using fat is, and how it's not simply calories in, calories out.

The reason I say all that is that my weight, fat, size etc. have wildly yo-yo'd over the years and I've found it healing to trust my own instincts on when it's junk-food & sugar bingeing (which I do), when it's medication (olanzapine sent me from to size 12 to size 26), when it's practical food shortage (4 stone lost in 10wks in a psychiatric unit) when it's thyroid (last reduction, extra stone in 2wks) etc.

On the blood pressure front, my own blood pressure is higher than I'd like, though I haven't measured it for some time, and I'll be reading contributions to this thread, because it's a reminder to me to work on it, though I doubt I'll ever get back to the blood pressure of my twenties, 80/50 when relaxed, 90/60 when stressed.  (Yes, eighty over fifty when chilling out in barracks, preparing for my combat med tech exams.)

(Edited re weight - just nipped upstairs, took off my outer layers and weighed myself.)


I had high blood pressure due to kidney damage, but it is now well controlled (for over 10 years) using tablets.

It took a few trials with different medications (there are several types) before coming to a mix of calcium-channel blockers and beta-blockers.

I find I have no side effects from these medications and my blood pressure is consistently in the 130/60 range which is acceptable for my situation.

I recommend that you consult your GP as prolonged high blood pressure can be dangerous.

My blood pressure readings were high when taken at the hospital last week. I'm not overly surprised as I think it's probably the stimulants I'm on for narcolepsy causing it. I'm a bit worried about bringing it up with my GP in case she recommends I change meds and not all narcolepsy meds for everyone; this one has been a real game changer for me.

The only other alternative I can see is taking blood pressure meds but this is a an absolute last resort for me as I don't like taking more meds to counteract the side effects of other meds! I will if I have to. Reluctantly.

This is a dilemma isn't it Fiz? Continue with our current courses of treatment with the addition of blood pressure tablets or change tactics entirely?  :f_sadface:

I already eat a low carb diet to try to prevent further weight gain from the steroids in that 13 days out of 14 I don't eat potatoes, rice, pasta, bread or wheat products but my downfall is my fortnightly shop has treats in it for the day it arrives which I now must stop. My mainly keto diet is flipping costly though and sticking to it strictly will make it more so. At home I tend to eat a Seagan diet for animal welfare reasons, though eat vegetarian when out due to lack of choice but I think pulses and nuts are higher in carbs and calories than lean meat so I think I need to eat what my body needs over animal welfare for the foreseeable. I was feeling so ill earlier that I looked up whether diazepam lowers blood pressure and it does so I took 5mg and even that dose made me feel less like keeling over. I think I also need to eat less.

I really hate medication, apart from the cortisol replacement, I only take supplements that I could be eating but will discuss with my GP about medication to bring my blood pressure down because this level isn't safe if left. I assume that if I can lower my blood pressure by losing weight that I could then stop the medication. Plus it has to be said, I have been feeling so weak and ill the last few weeks and if that's caused by high blood pressure and there's something that would lower it, why wouldn't I take it. Historically my blood pressure has always been low though and my knowledge about high blood pressure and the medications that treat it is limited. I guess I may know more soon!


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