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Pain levels improving!


I have some exciting news to share with you all.
After lots of battles and three years of waiting for tests to find out what was causing my excruciating gastro pains, I finally have the answers. Following an endoscopy last week, it was discovered that I have a stomach ulcer (what I was expecting), extensive gastritis- biopsy taken, and folds in my oesophagus.

I can't tell you how relieved I am to have something that is treatable for once and not another chronic condition with no cure! I'm now taking four omeprazole a day and have been banned from taking NSAIDS ever again. The NSAIDS are probably the cause of the ulcer and gastritis; the biopsy will confirm.  I've taken both omeprazole and ibuprofen for 20 odd years so I wouldn't be surprised.

The best thing is my stomach is feeling better already  :f_smiley:  The pain is much less and the bloating has reduced significantly.  I have to have another endoscopy in six weeks to see how things are healing and I'm hopeful that it will have cleared up by then.

I'm also having a lot of success with a new med for my inflammatory arthritis - hydroxychloquine. Yes the Trump drug! I can now get out of bed without making too many groaning noises and walking gingerly and shuffling to the bathroom. Give it a few more weeks to kick in and hopefully the improvement to my mobility and pain levels will continue.

So with less stomach pain and less arthritis pain, my fatigue levels are beginning to improve and I'm beginning to feel like a new person.  :biggrin:

Thank you all for putting up with my me when I'm down and may your days all be as well as they can be  :heart:

Sunny Clouds:
Fantastic news!

I love it every time someone has a story like that because it makes me feel good on two levels, both feeling good for them feeling better and also feeling good for me with yet another reminder of how we never know what more of our own conditions might improve.

That's just great, DD - even if it did take an unnecessarily long time! 

--- Quote ---I can't tell you how relieved I am to have something that is treatable for once and not another chronic condition with no cure!
--- End quote ---
There must be many readers who identify with that -reminds me of an old Irish joke (no offence to the Emerald Isle, I have Irish blood myself) where a woman goes to the doctor and says 'I hope to God there's something wrong with me because to be sure I'd hate to be feeling like this if I was well....'

Power to your elbow (or should I say tum)  :thumbsup:

Fab news DD!

Thank you ladies  :f_hug:

I'm determined to make the most of my new found energy and try to get out a little bit more to the local park and spend more time with the grandchildren. I need to find my new balance of doing enough versus doing nothing at all, as I still have chronic fatigue issues which I need to manage. But finally I can see some sort of semblance of a life outside of the confines of home, which I haven't had for the past five years or so.

It's an amazing feeling  :Cartwheel_by_livius:


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