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Sunny Clouds:
For a while now, I've been picking up LFT packs from a pharmacy, although I saved myself a separate journey a couple of times when in other places where they were giving them out, once on a railway station and once in a supermarket.

Today I tried to pick up a pack from my nearest pharmacy and the pharmacist led me over to some sort of wall display and said that if I want an LFT pack, I now have to use a smartphone to scan a QR code.  I realised I was on the edge of tears and left.

I went on the gov website and found that I can only get them from a pharmacy now if I  book an actual test.  I can still pick them up from a place that would be about three quarters of an hour each way.

Ah, but order on the phone or online.  If the packs are the same as the ones in the pharmacy, they wouldn't fit through my tiny letterbox, so what would they do - leave them on the doorstep?

I'll save you saying to answer the door when they knock/ring the bell.  I don't hear anyone that way.  People who know me know to keep an eye open for when I'm in a downstairs front room and knock the window.

Just one more way to make life difficult.

I suppose pharmacists could say it was a nuisance handing out tests, but I know from observing others that I'm not the only one to have looked round me whilst waiting and bought something.

I'd mind less if there was a click and collect or deliver to neighbour option.

Sunny Clouds:
Out of curiosity, I looked to see what you have to do to order online.  You have to have an email address.  Well, ok, I can give them one, but there's a serious risk I'd mistake an email for spam and delete it.

Well, ok, so I can do it, but what about all those people that don't have internet access?  I know a couple who have no internet access and who struggle to use a phone.

Yes, I'm grumbly.  I just don't see the point in the additional bureaucracy.  Frankly, I'm not sure I can be bothered.

Why are you wanting to do the tests? Do you have symptoms? I've never done a lateral flow test but have never had any symptoms prompting a test so haven't needed to.

I have a "doorbell" that vibrates the lanyard that I wear rather than makes a bell ringing sound or you can strap it to your wrist to vibrate there. When people press the "bell" it tells them to wait via lit up words. When I feel the lanyard vibrate, I press the button on the lanyard which then lights up the words "I am on my way" to the person at the door. Would that sort of system help you at all?

I found it because I cannot move quickly due to pain and could never answer the doorbell in time before the caller/delivery person had given up and left and this means that they know I am coming and they need to wait. I can be sat in my lounge now and my lanyard vibrates and the puppy runs to the front door with excitement, no doorbells involved!

Sunny Clouds:
That sounds like a really neat gadget, and might well be worth getting.

I normally have very, very few visitors except neighbours who wait until I'm in my front room and then rap the window loudly.  It has the added benefit for them of a belly laugh as I jump, startled.  In terms of friends, I'd say in a normal year I have maybe two visits from friends, although last year I managed three, I think, all in the garden.  This year, I've had two.

But a gadget like that would be worth a go.  When I lived in a flat, for a while I had a few grocery deliveries and had a doorbell with a light, but then I spent almost all my time in the bed-study, the kitchen or the bathroom.  I didn't have many deliveries, though.  In a house, it's a different kettle of fish.

As for the test and symptoms, it's not the lateral flow test you do for symptoms.  If you have symptoms, you book the other sort of test (my mind's gone blank on what it's called) at a centre.

Lateral flow tests just help to make sure you're not carrying symptomless covid that you could pass on to others.  That could particularly be an issue if you've been vaccinated, because if you did get infected, you'd be more likely to be symptomless or have such mild symptoms you wouldn't tell them from seasonal allergy or whatever.  It doesn't help either that the main symptoms of the virus if you're vaccinated, particularly, I think, if you get the delta variant, are most likely to be like the common cold, with a runny nose and a bit of sneezing.  (Obviously, some people get iller than that even if vaccinated, I'm just talking about the mild end of it.)

The yousafe doorbell is currently half the price I paid for it though for me it was worth every penny.


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