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Shortage of flu jabs


I have been VERY lucky all the flu jabs at my GP practice were booked and none were available anywhere.
I just had a phone call from the local GP practice two cancelations so my wife and I can get flu jabs.


I was given a time slot for my flu jab at the vaccination venue a few weeks ago. It was at the same place last year and I just breezed in and out, hardly any queue.

This was different. First the weather was foul. Then there was a 10 minute queue of cars going into the car park which had more than enough capacity. Never found out why.

Next the queue of people extended outside the building so that meant another 10 minutes in the rain, fortunately eased a little.

Having got into the vaccination hall the queue snaked around lines of chairs. As I approached the head of the queue I heard one of the nurses at a station "only four left". That rang alarm bells.

As we shuffled forward a doctor appeared and apologised that they were running out. Their delivery had been late and short of doses. A little shuffle later they had run out.

I was third in the queue. The doctor said he called for the remaining stock from the surgery but would only be 10 to 20 doses. They would try other local practices.

A few of us remained to wait a short while, but most people were advised they would be contacted for a later appointment. After about 15 minutes the doctor announced that 10 doses had arrived. so eventually I got my jab.

To add insult to injury on the way back to my the heavens opened with a violent wind lashed hailstorm. I got more than a little wet even though dressed for it,

I am really looking forward to my Covid booster probably later this month.

My husband was given an on the spot flu jab last month at the pharmacy when he went to pick his prescription up! Caught him by surprise as usually he is called in by the doctor, like me. I'm still waiting to hear about mine!

I had one booked at the pharmacy today but the mental health team wanted to see me so I had to rebook and have an appointment in 4 weeks at my GP surgery on a Saturday morning so hopefully that will go ahead.


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