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Had a call from my GP's surgery and asked if I'd like to pop down for my share of Astra Zeneca, so 10 to 12 today and I'll have a sore arm :f_smiley:

Sunshine Meadows:

Sorry about your sore arm.

Mr Sunshine had his vaccination today he thinks it was the Pfizer one, I would need to check the paperwork to know.
He was more bothered about having to wait for ten minutes after he had the vaccination than anything else.

Hi Sunshine, had my vaccine and so far no sore arm. I arrived within a moment or so of the arranged time and in/out in a couple of minutes. I sat in the car and then went off to do a quick bit of shopping. Talking of shopping that bit of shopping I did buying the gammon from my local butcher really has proved worth it for me. The butcher let me bone and roll my ham in the shop and then use their flatbed Berkel slicer to slice it. The difference in the quality of rashers of gammon compared to the back bacon (sweetcure) is just great. Between the taste and the much reduced water content of the gammon sees me not having to scape the salt deposits of the rashers as they fry.

Sunshine Meadows:

Thank is great  :thumbsup:

(How long does the gammon keep for?)

Dare I ask how old you are, JLR?  I had a bit of a surprise on Tuesday when my medical practice phoned to say I was on the list for a Covid jab and they had a slot this Friday (tomorrow!)  As I am 'only' 54, I couldn't understand why I was being called up so early:  I mean, I know the vaccination programme is ahead of schedule but hadn't anticipated hearing anything myself until at least the back-end of March....

Not that I'm going to 'look the gift horse in the mouth', of course!


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