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Dreams of Pre-Disability
« on: 29 Aug 2014 09:11PM »
I usually don't remember my dreams but when I do, I can walk in most of them.   As I was able to walk for the majority of my life it is not surprising really.

If you became disabled, in your dreams do you dream of how you were or how you are now?

However, in a dream I had this afternoon, I dreamed I was on a train and became really worried because I couldn't remember if I had brought my mobility scooter on board.  I had to remind myself that I wouldn't have been able to get on the train without my scooter (the Disabled Assistance Teams are wonderful about bringing a ramp out for me as I always book in advance) because I couldn't remember how I had got on the train in the first place and was concerned about how I would manage to get off the train without my scooter. 

Fortunately, when I looked, I saw my scooter parked in wheelchair/scooter space.  Phew!

To add to the peculiarity of the dream, Alan Davies (he is in QI) was sharing a table with me and two other people but none of  us were letting on that we knew he was Alan Davies as we didn't want to bother him.

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Re: Dreams of Pre-Disability
« Reply #1 on: 29 Aug 2014 09:21PM »
but none of  us were letting on that we knew he was Alan Davies as we didn't want to bother him.

Which would have bothered him no end. >lol<

Dreams are weird and can be quite hard to decipher could be your dream is like those ones where you find yourself naked in a public place something to do with vulnerability without your scooter you feel vulnerable and defenseless as the scooter gives you the independence to be able to act on your own behalf without the need to totally rely on others. Or maybe it's just a dream without any real significance.  :-)  >rainbow2<
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