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Help with rising fuel costs?

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I'm confused about the help the government have announced to counter the 54% rise in fuel costs from April 1st. I'm in receipt of a means tested disability benefit which cites this is the minimum amount the government says that I need to live on. I receive CTR and HB and have successfully applied for the warm home discount in the last few years which has been a life saver as fuel costs are my largest bill by a long chalk. Since the adrenal insufficiency arrived it makes me unwell to be cold so my gas use this winter has been twice the kWh of previous years.

As I read it, my energy costs will rise by 54% and I won't receive any additional help with this than I have in previous years or am I wrong?

It's a mockery of "this is the minimum amount the government says I need to live on" and yet fuel costs are rising by 54%!

I am so worried about the cost. I plan to turn off my heating on March 31st however cold April is.

I've discovered that the government is providing £200 loans as credit to our energy accounts in October when the energy price cap is expected to rise a further 20% on top of the 54% announced today making energy costs 74% higher than now this year alone. Martin Lewis anticipates further price cap rises next year and the £200 government loans will need to be paid back each April from 2023 at £40 a time which will be added to our then even higher energy bills.

Can we refuse to accept this £200 debt? If so, how do we do that?


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As I read it, my energy costs will rise by 54% and I won't receive any additional help with this than I have in previous years or am I wrong?

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You are wrong.

Watch or listen to news bulletins, Sunak has announced a £9 billion help package.

I have read the articles and consulted the forum guides on the mse forums and it seems that I am right. The government are offering a £150 reduction on council tax in certain house bands this April but I get CTR so that won't benefit me further. They are giving £200 loans in October which I don't want as I don't want to incur debt. It seems that's it. I realise that for some people the £150 non repayable reduction in council tax will be a welcome relief and many won't have a problem in borrowing the £200 and paying in back over 5 years but I avoid debt like the plague and don't want it. One article says there may be changes to the warm home discount but these haven't been spelled out get. I haven't had mine this winter yet. So as get, no help for me except the offer of a loan/debt.


The increase is 54% and yes there is no corresponding increase in benefits. The £200 appears to be a lump sum given to energy providers, they’re then meant to credit £200 to your account in October, just in time for the dreaded Christmas. Then they’ll administer a charge to all accounts of £3.33 per month like a standing charge.  The council tax refund will probably be at the discretion of the council, Scottish ones have previously offered either vouchers to spend in the local shops or £100 off your bill.  I have no idea how English councils will administer it.

As for not wanting a debt the chancellor dodged the question when Laura K asked if it was universal as he didn’t need it.

You will need to contact your local energy advice service to find out what happens in your area as these are often local rather than country wide.


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