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Ending free prescriptions for people over 60

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Sunny Clouds:

--- Quote from: Monic1511 on 13 Jan 2022 07:46PM ---Hi

If you’re exempt for 1 condition you get all your meds free in England, I agree some of the exemptions are stupid after all GP’s don’t prescribe meds if we don’t need them.

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Yes, it's mad that with two conditions, one of which could kill me if I don't taper my meds very carefully and get alternative non-med support (which the NHS is unlikely to provide), and the other of which makes life rather  less pleasant but isn't likely to kill me, I get free scrips for the potentially deadly one on the basis of having the non-deadly condition.

And I'm the one that's supposed to be mad, not the people in positions of seniority who decide these things.

Oh well, maybe time to make sure my doom and gloom hat's on, consider that we'll probably all need private insurance soon anyway, and consider that the rules will all change again then, and who knows what, if anything, will or won't be covered.

Medication, in particular insulin, symbolises the NHS for me.  One relative got diabetes after insulin became commercially available, but before the NHS.  Bye, bye, cash-strapped diabetic relative. Another relative got diabetes after the NHS, lived for a fair few more decades.  I bet most UK families have some sort of story like that to tell relating to what care their relatives/ancestors could or couldn't get.

On the other hand, insulin symbolises what gives me hope if the NHS is privatised.  You can't patent insulin, only the means of production.  In America, there's a team working with help over the internet from people around the world to come up with a means of producing insulin (including the whole injectable product, not just the insulin itself) that can be done on a small scale in what I'll call community labs/factories.  Their declared plan is to make the method available via free software.

Things like meds can make the likes of me fume over daft rules, but also give me hope about how people are fighting back in countries with nasty, unaffordable health systems.

Sunshine Meadows:
My brain did that sliding across text thing so I have not gotten all the good information posted on this thread but wanted to say  :thumbsup:

In particular I had not thought of how free prescriptions are the first level of healthcare that often prevents further more expensive treatment being needed.

Sunny Clouds:
Are you telling us you didn't read and digest every single word?  I suppose you expect us to make some of those ridiculous 'reasonable adjustments' that disabled people keep demanding?  Why shouldn't you read and contemplate absolutely every point everyone makes even if you don't have the spoons for it?  Huh, these disabled people!  The next thing you'll be saying is that just because it's your site doesn't mean you have to be on full-time duty here?


Sunshine Meadows:
 :f_laugh: :f_laugh: :f_laugh: :f_doh: :f_laugh: :thumbsup: :62_62: :coffee: :biggrin:


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