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--- Quote from: Norrin Radd on 15 Jan 2019 01:15PM ---I've found that Reddit is a great forum for advice on anything. I've been trying to make some bespoke gadgets to make up for my lack of movement, and people are very helpful when I need advice on parts and getting help to make them.

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That's interesting. I'd heard of Reddit but not known what it was. I'm looking for a new forum to chat on is it for general chatting too?

Sunshine Meadows:

>thumbsup< for me my rice cooker is easier to use because it is much lighter than the slow cooker the problem is I dont much like rice  >whistle<


I dont know about Reddit for advice but Mr Sunshine uses it a far bit and sends me lol links.


I was thinking we could have more of that on Ouch Too, have not got there yet though. I think reddit was originally a place were people talked about what they had seen elsewhere, but it looks to me like it grew into so much more. It can be a little hard to follow sometimes because the threads can break off into other branches of thought like a tree all the way to the twigs. It is worth a look but I am not sure how good the moderation is.

Norrin Radd:

Reddit does have chat rooms. It's mostly used in a similar way to a forum site, but it's difficult to describe. Using Reddit seems complicated at first, but it's quite simple once you start using it. I mostly subscribe to things like disability, music, computers, and books. They have forums on almost everything.

Big Muff:
For wheelchair gloves try buying work gloves ( though tend to be priced for multiple numbers per order ) as much cheaper
i'm using these at present and they have lasted better than any other glove with full hand coverage .I'd recommend checking the analysis of what they are good for i.e. abrasion rating , cold etc and reviews.

Thank you for the information about the gloves. I followed the link and they look worth a try, especially if Mr Sunshine needs to start using a wheelchair more. I have several different pairs of Sealskinz gloves which are all good and look more feminine that those gloves. I can't safely push myself around outdoors so practicality and style are equally important.

A couple of years ago I realised that people who saw me out on my Powertrike with the dog were mistaking me for a bloke because I was wearing a ski jacket and red beanie. Once I dressed in a more feminine way other dog walkers were less judgemental about my dogs protective behaviour and my inability to make him sit. Hmm then again maybe it was all in my head and it was improvement born out of my change in attitude.


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