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Okay so modify this post so it does not include the word (rude word removed by moderator)

First test worked - second not quite so simple!  I managed to delete the post but sending a warning?  Not sure about that one - is it done through the 'Moderation Centre' option because I couldn't see it  >doh<

Sunshine Meadows:
Sorry I thought it was in the thread but when I checked I can see this is how to get there>

Click on the members avatar to go to their profile.
On the left hand side it says Summary above that there is an Actions option click that.
A small box appears with 4 options choose issue a warning.
Next you get to choose the warning level and some other options

I gave the Quietly Loud account a 5 % warning so if you do the same it will bring the warning level to the point at which premoderation is set and we can see how that works,

:-) biab

The 'Actions' option only gives me one single option, to send the member a PM.  Perhaps the other options are only enabled for the Administrator?  Unless you can give permissions to the moderators as well....

Sunshine Meadows:
I am back and will look at that now :-)


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