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Is this new message board software better than Aimoo ?

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Sunshine Meadows:
This message board has been built using a programme provided by Simple Machines and has several advantages over Aimoo.

1) I have been able to put this messageboard in place so it is directly accessible on the link and this means it is more easliy found,stands alone and not under the main head head of Aimoo.

2) Here we are using Go Daddy hosting which is based in the USA. This means we have more storage space and unlimited bandwith so the messageboard should run more smoothly without almost grinding to a halt the way Aimoo does.

3) We have better moderating tools including a warning system that can be set to automatically put a member on premoderation after they have recieved a set amount of warnings.

4) When Ouch Too was created people missed the old BBC yellow triangle system of reporting posts because it is not available on Aimoo. Here every post has a 'report to moderator' option which is equivalent to the yellow triangle.

Sunshine Meadows:
5) I have been able to add and edit out own smilies and a shortlist appears above the reply box with the added bonus of more smilies being avaliable when you click [more]on the left which produces a pop up box of smilies. This means we have ofteen used smilies easily avaliable and still more listed elsewhere making the smilie situation clearer.

Added to this all the smilies have descriptive words attached to them instead of the numbers Aimoo gave. This means if you hoover your mouse over  >biggrin< you see the words big grin.

Sunshine Meadows:
6) There is an option to 'split' topics which means when a thread goes off on a tangent we have the option to split it into more than one thread upon the request of a member.

Sunshine Meadows:
7) Pictures are added as attachments and I have been able to limit the size of the thumbnail that appears which means that post sna dthreads will load more quickly and yet you also have the option to see the bigger version of the picture by clicking on the thumbnail. I have to say I love this option  >love<

Sunshine Meadows:
8) We still have a Quick Reply option it is at the bottom left of the page when you veiw posts and to open it you click +


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