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I am Just as Human

Look at me,
Look at you.
You are Human.
I am too.

We may be different,
We may have different needs.
I deserve as much respect
Though we move or think at different speeds

Though I am disabled,
Though you are not,
I am just as Human
You may have forgot

About how to treat me
As equal, deserving
Of rights and respect
Of love and of caring,

I am not less,
You are not more -
We are both human
With gifts and flaws

I am just another person
I have needs and rights and dreams
I am truly fully human
With all that is and all that means.

So treat me not with less respect
Treat me not with hate or contempt
I deserve as much from life as you
We may be different but I'm human too.

Tony Demoncy 11/09/2020 :big_hugs: :f_peacedove: :heart:

This is a poem that I wrote for Deb Viney's birthday in 2011

Mindwalker, Mindtalker   :f_rose:

We have so much fun
With the world of the mind
With music and books
Rambling talks of all kinds

From one born as a tiger
To one born a rabbit
Birth makes not our destiny
We form our own habits

As we rove through this life
Our thoughts range afar
From struggle and strife
To the glory of stars

From the saint and the rogue
For love of all kinds
Happy birthday dear Deb
You are oft’ on my mind.

Tony Demoncy


Some love is pure,
Cares not for itself,
Seeks only to cure,
To bring about health.

To give as much love
As its soul can contain,
Love shared is not halved,
Love should bring no pain.

Love of the soul,
With nothing of lust.
Healing its goal,
It's motives are just.

Though it can be mistaken,
And feared or adored,
This kind of love
Can encompass the world.

Tony Demoncy

A Benediction

May we all be worthy spirits
Never causing hurt nor woe
Learn to rein the madness back
Permit our souls to grow.

Let us vanquish all the sorrows
We have cast on Earth, our friend.
Let us serve her 'til she calls us
To her bosom once again.

Never overweening arrogance
Nor domineering ways
Neither causing any suffering
To fall upon our days.

May our slumbers all be peaceful
And our wakings filled with joy
Let our faces shine with happiness
Life is for growth, for joy.

Let our laughter ring unfettered
And our souls resound with glee
And let every single one of us
Be what we ought to be.

Tony Demoncy 2014

We Have Found Our Voices

Some have found their voices
Fighting this injustice
They speak for us who've lost our voice
To ring the bell of justice

We'll no more be silenced
We'll not be swept away
or forced to die in misery
We must have our say

We must make them hear us
Hear our song of truth
This rampant weed of prejudice
Must be killed at the root.

Tony Demoncy


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