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Why ...Fall down 7 times get up 8



(Kizzy did not actually start this thread but asked the question on another thread and I split that thread to make this new thread so it is easy for people to find this topic of discussion. :-) Sunshine)

There's something perplexing me - the board's name seems to be 'fall down 7 times etc' rather than OuchToo... this is the name that was on my registration e-mail and also the name that displays on the link to the board that I have saved to 'Favourites'!  Would this not affect Google searchability?

(If this thread is the wrong place to raise this, do feel free to delete the post  ;-))

Sunshine Meadows:
Morning Kizzy,

The website is so the more we use it and the more people vist the more it will come up in Google searches. When I created the board I called it '... fall down 7 times get up 8' and that name appeared on the top left hand side until I added the logo. My reason for using the the tag line for the name is because I wanted to remind everyone (both disabled and non disabled) that we are here to stay and to be heard. The name Ouch Too alone does not send enough of a message to people who dont know what Ouch Too is. My hope is that the tag line will remind us to keep going, to perservere- sometimes against the odds.

I hope for the best of both worlds in that I added the message board to the root directory of the website and so the link is and not falldown7timesandgetup8.

I think having Ouch Too at Ouch Too. org would have been over doing it.

Sunshine Meadows:
On a different thread Kizzy asked me a question about the way I named the actual board and I replied to it.

I am still figuring out the thread merging and splitting tools and it looks like it keeps things in date order.
(see above)

Cool - I get it now about the name >thumbsup<

Clever stuff, this splitting/merging threads - that's something the Beeb boards don't have  >biggrin<

Sunshine Meadows:
 >thumbsup< I am going for a break back in a bit :-)


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