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Feeling over excited about this format


Sunshine Meadows:
That traffic lights moderation tool is so cool, I feel like running over to Aimoo and  >bliss< celebrating but I know it needs some more work first.

I really hope people like it because the potential is  >thumbsup<

I need more  >tea< biab

I've been trying to look at it more but I am having a lot of problems with my browser freezing and crashing at the moment  >angry<  - I think I'll return to it later when I feel less frazzled  >erm<

Sunshine Meadows:
So far I have tested the site on Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer and have had no occassions of frazzleddom.

Kizzy, you have posted since you posted to thisi thread does this mean I am correct and its all working okay ?


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