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The Dog got Stung by a Wasp!

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Poor Benji.

Out for his morning constitutional and a nasty wasp stung him on his paw. He held his paw out so my husband could remove the wasp, and the poor dog limped home on three legs.

He was so distressed. We tried to put ice on it but he was having none of it. He was pacing about until he finally came to me and I managed to calm him down through gently stroking him. Eventually he got fed up with sitting on the floor and went to the sofa. I moved from my chair to the sofa to continue stroking him where every time I tried to drink my cup of tea he would nudge my elbow in protest at the momentary stroke stoppage! :f_laugh:

Tea went everywhere!
But as long as the dog was alright, that's all that matters!

He's now fully recovered and no longer limping. My hand, however, is still suffering from the excessive stroking.

Sunny Clouds:
That's devoted dog-caring, well done, DD!

I can't compare with tea, but in the night I did a harmless (no stains) silly.  I had a blanket over my duvet (thyroid) but the heat tipped over into no-blanket, so I tossed the blanket off.  My bed isn't up against a wall and I tossed it on the non-bedside-table side.  Over the years, I must have done that hundreds and hundreds of times.  For the first time ever, I misjudged it and knocked the mug of water off my bedside table.

No harm done because it's just water, but I keep a pillbox with a week's thyroid tablets next to the water.  They're sodden.  Fortunately, I'm not short of them and by some miracle there was a non-dissolved one at the end to take this morning.

But if it had been tea, I'd have been anxiously looking for stains.

As for the hand - you'll have to get your dog to lick it better or something.

Doesn't a relatively small amount of water go an awfully long way when it's spilt....

I know they have their function in nature, but wasps are 'orrible things.  Glad your Benji's over his unpleasant surprise with all your TLC, anyway!

Benji, sleeping it off!

Sunny Clouds:
Sleeping it off?  That's no good, he should be licking up the tea and cuddling your overworked hand!

I bet Benji's glad he lives with someone like you, not like me.  Not only do I have a terrible sense of humour, I have to have cats.  They tell me what to do, not ask me what to do.


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